Monochrome Madness 40

It’s Monochrome Madness again and week 40!!  Pop on over to Leanne’s to check out all the entries.

This week, no matter how I tried, my entry for MM just didn’t come together and I didn’t want to make do. Instead of missing out though, I thought I’d go back through my entries and pick out a few of my favourites from this year.

These are the ones I chose.

As always, many thanks go to Leanne for her tireless efforts in making this fun challenge possible and to Laura who cheers us all along 🙂


21 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 40

    1. Thanks heaps Kaz 😀
      Sometimes its good to be reminded of digital works. Theyre not like a painting or artwork that we see often… and it felt funny missing MM, so this was my option.

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    1. Thank you Robert – yes exactly 😀
      Im sure next week will be ok. We’re having the most crazy weather presently. Hot days and afternoon storms, so I havent been out as much.
      Hope things are well with you.


      1. I’ll take the hot – we are into our cold and rainy pre-snow season here. Things are OK – I too have not been out shooting in a while – maybe I’ll have to think something up for the table top 🙂

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