One Four Challenge – Dec wk 3

Welcome to another week of the One Four Challenge… Wow! Week 3 of December already!!  I hope you’ve had a good week, wherever you are 😀

Once again, it’s been so fantastic visiting all the blogs, seeing the interaction happening regarding what we are doing. I’m loving it and I hope you are too.

Thanks to all who have added a link to my post and have tagged – it’s made my visiting a lot easier this past week. I’ll include the same request here again this week. Thanks again.

Could I please ask everyone to TAG again… WP has been having some issues with pingbacks (unsure if this has been resolved yet, but best to be sure), which means myself and others are unaware of your post – Please TAG with One Four Challenge – thanks so much.

As well as a link, in your own post, would you mind leaving a link on my blog post too please – in comments if you could, this way we are aware of everyone’s blog posts. Thank you!

**For those still interested in knowing more about this challenge, you’ll find the ‘how to’ further on in this post.  Please read the details – thanks.

Onto my image again:

Wow, what a week I’ve had!  I started the week with not a lot of direction and just an idea that I’d like to make this week’s image look ‘aged’ again.

I truly have many directions that I’ve tried this week and nothing really felt right until I finished this one. There are still things that I’d change, but this is the best of what I achieved this week. So here it is – week 3 for me.

##1_In the Shadows_OneFourChallenge_Dec3_2014_RobynGosby

Once again, there was plenty of experimenting, but honestly I don’t know everything I’ve done this week – I wanted to bring out the textures and details a bit more. I also wanted to try cropping in closer as I was starting to find the background distracting.

These are my 3 processes so far:

..and Now it’s back to you again..

Tell us about your image and what your processes were this week, if you can remember 😉 I look forward to hearing all about it once again!

About the challenge and how it works:

This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.
We will all  process / post edit (our own chosen image) and share a different version each week.
Process it however you like… and tell us a bit about it. You don’t have to show the original image unless you’d like to.  (I’m going to show mine in week 4 along with the 4 variations from the month).
Try new things, experiment.  Be as creative or subtle as you wish to be.
Each week starts again on Monday (Aussie time) and closes off the following Sunday (at the end of the day), so there is a whole week for you to create your post, link up here and tag your post.
This is a perpetual challenge. We will do the 1st four Mondays of the month.
If there are 5 Mondays in a month – we’ll still only post on 4.
Links and Ping backs:
Link your week 3 December post to this week 3 blog post.
You are also very welcome to leave a comment on this post, with your post link for the week.
Tagging for WordPress blogs:

Please include the One Four Challenge tag on your post.

By creating this tag on our posts– we will be able to find all WP challenge players in Reader.
If you go into your WordPress Reader and look for Explore TAGS, you can create and enter the tag in this area.

This brings up all posts with the One Four Challenge tag.

Polls in week 4 again:Next week (week 4) we’ll include polls again, if we’d like to, so that our readers can vote for their favourite image of our 4 December editions.

Have a fantastic week everyone!  Here we go again 😀


125 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Dec wk 3

      1. the Sun has just gone down here – but a very good mooring to you too! While I have not participated, your challenge has got me thinking – but I may be too rigid when I’m processing images to “allow” for variations on a theme…but you never know 🙂


      2. He he.. very happy to have spurred on some thinking 😀 Some variations are going to be easier than others – I knew I was challenging myself this month – which is what it’s all about of course. Hope to keep inspiring thinking…as you say… you never know 😉
        Enjoy your evening 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I like how you cropped out some of the background and brought us closer to the truck. It really works. The tones in the black and white are really warm and nice. She is a beauty.


    1. Morning! 😀
      Thanks Leanne – it got trickier this week, but I’m happy with the result.
      Glad you like it too.
      I might sit and fiddle a bit this week to see if I can make it happen with a mouse.
      Learning will be good anyway 😉 That’s half the fun!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Stacey – I really appreciate your comment and I love your description 😉 Funny! It may be quite true!
      I wasn’t completely settled this week – as though I may not have finished – think I may have seen it one or 50 too many times 😛
      I thought I was going simple too, this week – bah ha ha – nope! Happy with the tones and the overall aged feel though, so I think it was worth it
      Look forward to seeing what you’ve done this week 😀


    1. Hi Suzanne, so glad you made it this week 😀
      Not at all necessary to apologise – life happens to us all and computers are one of those things we cannot choose!
      Look forward to seeing both of your contributions this week.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Wow Suzanne, what a couple of weeks you’ve had. I do hope all is well.
      I just love how you’ve taken these experiences and applied them directly to your images., using them to your artistic benefit.
      Thank you too for sharing with us x
      I hope next week is all Unicorns, butterflies and sunshine 😀


      1. Now that would be wonderful Robyn. We are actually getting lots of sunshine at present and butterflies too – unicorns would be the icing on the cake 🙂


  2. Love how the monotone makes all the textures and tones seem so much more interesting by adding depth, Robyn. It really is a great truck to work with even though it’s caused you much angst 🙂


    1. Thank you Lee – it really is a wonderful old truck! I love everything about it – no angst…lol… But was happy to finish this week 😜
      I did a lot of work on the details, so Im glad you see it. Thank you!!


  3. That darn truck looks good whatever you do with it. 😀 It looks beautiful in b&w, a glimpse of the past. I know what you meant by that “nothing worked”. It’s like that for me every week. I go through so many versions, until I find the right one.
    Finished my image, now off to write some witty stuff to distract people from the mess I made. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you Lore 😃
      Lol… I just know what you do will be inspired!!
      Yep this week, there must have 1000 versions for me – ok, maybe not that many 😜
      Just heading to bed – cant stop yawning. Night!! Will check in with you tomorrow x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think you’re somehow too bothered by the background! It does happen when we look at one image a lot. I actually like the space around the truck even if it is busy. It’s such a difference in tone and texture that it actually complements the subject more than you think. Just my opinion though lol 😉 I really love this one. The tonality makes it seem that it could be an old photograph you just found in an attic space somewhere 🙂


    1. Morning Sarah – you are spot on here!
      Too much looking at the image 😉
      I think I prefer the space – gives it room to breathe, but needed to try the crop as a different way of seeing things.
      Also, I’m happy with the tones and textures – worked on them quite a bit. Glad you like it!
      My aim was exactly that – to make it seem like an old photograph – so thanks 😀

      I decided to share one of the ones that didn’t make it on MM tomorrow 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. We all like different things PJ and there is plenty of room for choice.
      I’m very glad you like the colourful image – art is in the eye of the beholder 😀
      Look forward to checking out your image too.


      1. Thank you Robyn! After I sent off my comment I thought, “Hmm, should have not said anything because many people love B&W.” I think my reason for not being so fond of it is because of so many years of B&W television! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your thoughts here Ben – I was working with these thoughts, but now I think Im headed off in a random direction 😜
      Who knows where it’ll finish for week 4? 😃


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