Monochrome Madness 42

This week for MM 42, I thought  I’d share another version of the old truck I’ve been working on for the One Four Challenge this month.

This is one of the versions that didn’t make it, into the four for the month.

My aim here was to make the image look aged, like an old photograph that might be laying around somewhere.

The Old Jalopy
The Old Jalopy

To see more fabulous monochrome images, pop on over to Leanne’s to see this week’s gallery.

As always, many thanks to Leanne and Laura who started this fun monochrome challenge! 🙂

..and next week’s Monochrome Madness, will be a special one – with a splash of Christmas colour.

13 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 42

  1. I have to say I can see why it did not get through the scrutiny police. I think this image works way better with faded charm than going to monochrome. A lack of strong contrast certainly does not encourage the move to B/W, though thanks for thinking of me on this one Robyn. I look forward to week 4 for your sumptuous finale. MM 🎅


  2. I can appreciate John’s comments — but — well — I still like this in monochrome. It has the feel of an actual archival photograph — something you would find in our Library of Congress or National Archives. A “mockumentary” photo, if that makes sense. 🙂


  3. HI Robyn I ended up here because I was looking at your lovely red jalopy you just posted and Chris wanted to know what make the truck was. Then I saw your MM 42 photo but we are still none the wiser. Also when I enlarged the photo I saw someone or something in the seat looking through the glass….. spooky!!??? Did you notice that or mention that before. Interesting 🙂


    1. Kaz, I have no idea what model the truck is – it’s just really old. I’m sorry Chris 😀
      I had never noticed the ‘driver’ in the jalopy before… but now I oooh yes, spooky!

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