AB Friday – One Photo Focus – Jan 15

Today I am joining in with the AB Friday crowd, hosted by Stacy.  This 1st Friday of January is the unveiling of a new format for the 1st Fridays of the month, called One Photo Focus. Everyone playing along is editing the same image – just once!  Fun!!

I think this is a great idea.  I love the idea of people working on the same photograph (artwork or any medium) and this week’s contribution is by Emilio 😀 Thanks Emilio!

It’s no secret I like old trucks, so I’ve really enjoyed this 1st One Photo Focus image.

Without further ado, here is Emilio’s original RAW image…

Original RAW image - by Emilio
Original RAW image – by Emilio

.. and then my own adaptation of his image.


While editing this image, I tried many things.  I started in Camera RAW, then took out the ropes and a piece of wood on the ground and desaturated the sky, then I went into Nik, Analogue Efex and added film effects, light streaks, a vignette and bokeh.  This gave me the result I was looking for.

I’ve really enjoyed this process, knowing that there are others working on the same image – the reveal will be exciting and you can view them all on Stacy’s blog at Visual Venturing.

I hope the link will be correct (I am scheduling before both posts). If not for some reason, click here 😀


39 thoughts on “AB Friday – One Photo Focus – Jan 15

    1. Thank you Robert – I really enjoyed doing this.
      Ive always wanted to work with a group on a single image.
      In a way it was kind of liberating as I had no idea of the day or the surroundings apart from what I imagined.
      I do understand your thoughts regarding if it were your own.


      1. I’m glad you are enjoying it – at least it has got me thinking – I saw all the results. I kept wondering how I would have shot the scene differently, not so much how I would have processed the image differently.


      2. I know what you mean Robert – we each have our take.
        Working with the material in its chosen format was the liberating part.
        Glad you had a look. The many interpretations are awesome!!

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    1. Thanks heaps Cybele – not knowing the background or situation, I thought I go in a direction that my thoughts were wandering. The old trucks and surrounds reminded me of my Grandad and his market garden…. long ago 😊

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  1. Hey Robyn, lovely job on this, it has that real old photo look to it, I didnt notice the light streaks or darker tones properly until I read your description. I like how your blurring effect almost mimics the Tilt Shift style 🙂

    Completely different to all the others too !


    1. Thanks heaps Stacey – I tried a few different things, but the old style settled well with me. Believe it or not, the tilt shift seems to have been an unintended ‘but happy’ by-product of the steps I took 😃 fun!!


    1. Oh thank you Jules… I’m so glad you like it!!!
      I’ve been on hols Jules, but did breeze past yesterday and see that I have 2 posts? to catch up on! 😉
      Nice to be missed xx Thank you!
      Back to work and routine on Monday. Did you take a Chrissy break?
      I remembered you said about Mono Madness and was hoping I hadn’t missed your beginnings. Can’t wait 😀


  2. Nicely done, Robyn. I like the vintage look. So fitting! The idea of a group working on the same image is a good one. Wouldn’t mind taking part next time. Will pop over to Visual Venturing to have a look at the other entries!


    1. Hi Chris – thanks 😃
      Its an enjoyable process, with the one image… and a challenge as you’re making up your own story.
      Yes do have a look. The One Photo Focus is on the first Friday of each month. Very achievable 😃

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  3. Nice work Robyn. Creative twist on the image. The only thing that we both did was take out the rope and wood piece. From then on you went a totally different creative direction. 🙂


    1. Hi Nancy – so lovely to receive your comment. Thanks very much! Im glad you like what I did. It was a fun experiment.
      I really enjoyed seeing all the different versions too 😃


  4. Robyn, first of all, I had to laugh about you taking out the wood and the rope. I think you and Karen (KCinAZ) were the only two who did that. I didn’t even notice them. (Hand hits head.) I love the approach you took – I use Nik Efex a great deal, but have never strayed into Analog Efex. I usually start with Color Efex and oftentimes move into Silver Efex, so it was great to see your treatment! Thanks so much for participating and for your support. I appreciate it more than you know.


    1. Hi Stacy, yes Karen and I did talk about the wood and rope…lol
      Thank you, I’m pleased you like what I did. I like the Nik bunch too, but haven’t used them much at all lately… but like you mainly Color and Silver Efex if/when I do.
      I wandered into Analogue Efex because I was looking for old with light leaks, scratches etc. Thought it suited the pic.
      As I said to Emilio though – if I’d known the background story, I would have taken a different path – a quirkier one 😀
      It’s my pleasure to participate – I love doing this – thanks for having me and I do hope you don’t mind if I participate once a month with One Photo Focus – would that be ok?
      Thank you very much for your support too Stacy 😀 😀 It is also greatly appreciated xx


  5. I like how you’ve made this ‘old’. Very nice work indeed.
    I like this concept. We used to do something like this when we were scrapbooking because every person who scraps has their own style. We would share photos and then get someone else to scrapbook those photos. It really shows how different people interpret things. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Suz 😃
      This is the thing I like the most about doing this – everyone will interpret differently, even when working from the same brief! I love that!!
      Would’ve been so neat to see and compare your albums from these collaborations 😀

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