One Four Challenge – Jan Week 3

Hello hello everyone and once again, welcome to the One Four Challenge 🙂

I hope you’ve had a great week this week with plenty of inspiration.. (and if not) here’s wishing you lots of inspiration for next week!

Some of you will know I haven’t made it around all of this week’s posts as yet – it’s been a big week for Our Challenge (also my 1st week back at work) and I will get there!  It’s just taking me longer, so please bear with me and thanks for your patience.

So good to have so many interested in joining our challenge – another BIG welcome!! 😀

Having our posts show up in Reader with the tag is awesome!!  I hope it’s helping you to keep track of the posts – I know it’s helping me. Thank you very much!!

If you tag – you’ll show up in the WordPress Reader ( that is if your total of tags and categories for your post (inclusive) is less than 15).

Myself and others can find you… easily… and everyone is accessible in one place.

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Joining the One Four Challenge:

**For those still interested in joining us / knowing more about this challenge, you’ll find the ‘how to’ further on in this post.  PLEASE READ the details – thanks.

My image:

I tried many this things again this week – apparently this image is a challenge!!  My final choice was Black and White – this was the result that sat best with me… I like the way this edit has diagonal movement across the image plane.

I have no idea what I’m going to do for next week 😉

The image is sharp, but is not showing sharp, within the post, on my monitor..

Please click for a larger, sharper view

##1_Mt Panorama Bathurst_OneFourChallenge_Jan_Wk 3a_2015_RobynGosby_This week (after trying many things) I went to the plug-ins and used presets.

I used Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz Clarity. That’s it 🙂 I’ve included a couple of links to the Topaz software for viewing if interested.

Kind thoughts and comments are welcome!

Your Image:

..and now it’s over to you again… looking forward to your result for this week!

About the challenge and how it works:

This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.
We will all  process / post edit (our own chosen image) and share a different version each week.
Process it however you like… and tell us a bit about it. You don’t have to show the original image unless you’d like to.  (I’m going to show mine in week 4 along with the 4 variations from the month).
Try new things, experiment.  Be as creative or subtle as you wish to be.
Each week starts again on Monday (Aussie time) and closes off the following Sunday (at the end of the day), so there is a whole week for you to create your post, link up here and tag your post.
This is a perpetual challenge. We will do the 1st four Mondays of the month.
If there are 5 Mondays in a month – we’ll still only post on 4.
Please TAG with One Four Challenge – thanks so much.
As well as a link (to my blog post), in your own post, would you mind leaving your post link on my blog post too please – in comments if you could, this way we are aware of everyone’s blog posts. Thank you!

Have another great week everyone!! 😀

114 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Jan Week 3

  1. Hi again Robyn. This works well in B&W (I didn’t think it would I thought it would need the reds to hold it together) but the clear whites of the lines and building really hold their own against the dark sky and the blacks in the trees and road. And that threatening sky still keeps it’s promise 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lee 😃
      Yes I do agree – I wasn’t thinking of a BW edit for this image, but I liked the flow that this preset created, so here it is 😜
      I do like that touch of red.
      I’ll need to do some research for next week for some new ideas!!


  2. Great dramatic effect in this process, Robyn. I keep being amazed at how monochrome really emphasizes drama and atmosphere. You get a sense of expectation… Something big is going to happen!

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  3. Hello Robyn, I read a lot of the comments before posting mine – I’m not sure I would vote for the B&W version of this one – or at least not 100% monochrome – again, just my particular preference on this one – I miss the vivid red 🙂

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    1. We share the same thoughts Robert 😀 Great to hear from you.
      Thanks! I miss the red also. Really good to have a comparison.

      Presently doing research on clarity for images in posts – I’m unhappy with the way this displays again – apparently there can be so many things, starting with
      responsive design on my own computer. Interesting – lots more research to do on this.
      Apparently it’s not an uncommon problem. Max image size uploaded should be that determined by your theme in CSS… who knew? Thought you’d be interested.
      Looking forward to a catchup soon 😀

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      1. Well that explains a lot and yes, who would have thought that the theme would control the image…Looking forward to catching up as well. As always, my comment was just my opinion – it is your image to do as you like.

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  4. I think this version is interesting, Robyn. I like the way some of the textures in the foreground are looking. I’m going to have to look closer into these Topaz filters. I wouldn’t be dissatisfied with this version!

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    1. Thanks heaps Joanne – yes do have a look at Topaz – I think they have their place.
      I really appreciate your comment – Im very distracted by the way it is displaying in post (presently – something Im looking in to) so thats great to hear.
      Thanks for your input 😃


  5. Hi … here I am with my contribution: … I’m going to pop over to see what Topaz has to offer, thanks for including the link … an now in the b&w the photo broods … there’s always something extra in b&w that color just doesn’t render. In this case it seems to have gained in depth. Good choice.

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  6. Nice edit! But I agree with infraredrobert……I miss the vivid reds.

    Here is my Week 3 contribution: Photoshop and I are back to being at odds…..I ended up with something entirely different from what I was aiming for, largely due to my inability to figure out how to add motion to the tree branches in the window panes. Ended up with color effects. Looking forward to comments (and of course suggestions.

    FYI — I’ve never heard of Topaz. Is it any easier to use than Photoshop?

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    1. Thanks Kate – I must admit, I miss the red too.
      Looking forward to seeing your week 3 result 😃

      Topaz offers Plug-ins. You need a host program ie. Photoshop (and others) for them to work. I really like what they can do. It also works as another fine tuning tool, which varies depending on the Plug-in.
      They offer 30 day trials which are well worth trying out to see what you think.

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    1. Thank you Sue – glad you like it – again, I wasn’t sure. I think the red has imprinted itself on this one (for me), so thinking I’ll try that direction again next week 😃

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  7. You sure picked a challenge 🙂 I like how the road leads your eye in and up the image. The sky and tires and foreground (including the road) look great in mono. That sign is so expressive, I can see why you miss the red.
    I am sure you will figure something out. It is a great effort for this week, if I didn’t know what the original looked like I would say this is such a powerful image. It really makes you take a deep look.

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    1. Yes I did pick a challenge…lol
      Great to hear your thoughts Carrie – as always, they’re appreciated 😃 The road is for you this week 😜
      Im starting to hear some imaginative rumblings for next week – who knows what will happen?! Im pretty sure it will include red!


      1. Oh I am honored 🙂 I do like the road in focus. Looking forward to next week, my creative vibes haven’t hit me yet. Glad to hear you are hearing some rumblings…always good!

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      1. I posted on my blog that I was out of action as the PC upgrade took longer than expected but didnt think it was necessary to let you know directly, but finally I am back and working and looking forward to using PS with my new fast SSD drives – it opens in about 3 seconds!

        I have had a look at everyones posts but will work through having a decent look and commenting over the week – back to work this week and still not completely over the cold that won’t go away either 😦

        Nice to know I was missed 🙂

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      2. No not necessary at all Stacey, but glad its resolved for you and youre back in action 😃
        Wow, that sounds awesomely fast!!!
        Im slow commenting this past week – back at work too and troubles with WP and commenting last week.
        Feel better very soon!! 😄


      3. Yes I am feeling your pain about the commenting, I saw Laura’s post on it as well, but as I was on my Ipad didnt realise quite how bad it is 😦

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  8. Robyn, this image not only has diagonal movement, but the halves along the vertical axis have mostly opposing colors, and that brings another dimension of interest to the picture. It’s also neat how in the earlier versions, the attention was split between the clouds and the building, but this edit gives some importance to the road too. (I see some others have already mentioned this.) Very nice.


    1. Thanks Anita – I appreciate your thoughts on this.
      It’s like taking a step back and seeing it with fresh eyes – which is always helpful 😀
      I liked the balance created by this edit and I think what you’ve described explains it very well. Thank you!! 😀

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    1. Thank you!! I was lucky to be there on that day with the sky – the editing has really brought the sky out 😉
      I’m really pleased you like it – I do love BW and am looking forward to seeing your little mushrooms this week 😀

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    1. Oh yes the same has happened here Woolly, with life taking over. Not a great deal of blogging at my end either.
      Good to see your number 3 and the new effect and the editions!
      Still think its a clever idea using in camera effects.

      Happy Australia day to you too 😃😃


  9. Hello, Hello! Nice choice of editing for this week. The B&W makes it more ominous and dated looking in my opinion although I think the clouds/sky loses a bit of the detail seen when color is involved. I definitely see the movement you’re talking about and it directs my focus to the sky again but off to the right corner this time where the darkest clouds are. I feel like a black hole is going to open up and everything will start spiraling into that corner. Good work. 🙂

    I posted my entry this week on the 21st however it doesn’t appear to have pinged back here. So I will add a link to this reply. Thanks for everything. And P.S. I do understand well how challenging a photo can be! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. Glad you like this version.
      Looking forward to seeing your edit for the week also 😃

      Thank you for the link. The ping back didnt work.
      Elpy, if you tag your post with One Four Challenge, you should show up in Reader. Myself and others will be able to view your Challenge posts.
      Have a great week 😃😃

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      1. Thank you!

        What’s strange is that I did tag it. I believe you got the first week, did you get the second? I’ve tagged them all with One Four Challenge. Hmm, this week I’ll tag then check your site, then maybe try again… we’ll see.

        Thanks so much!

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      2. 😃
        For some reason, some blogs don’t send ping backs or show in Reader. Yours has been one – keep trying though. It just happens with some and we’re not sure why.
        I found you this week through the link you left on my blog – thanks and keep doing it – we’ll find you that way 😃😃

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      3. Great, thanks for the feedback. I have noticed that my own posts never showed up in my reader, I just figured that was natural, after all they are my posts. However lately – as in the last week or so – I’ve started seeing my own posts popping up in my reader. Hmm…

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      4. This time I added the tag, published the post then went back and added the tag again and republished. Don’t know if that really is what made it go through but hey… 🙂

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  10. Robyn this is a lovely job, and I echo what Lee said, this image is fab in BW and that storm is just so menacing but you capture it in such lovely light 🙂


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