Revisiting Emilio’s trucks..

Just recently, for One Photo Focus – I was worked on editing an image by Emilio

My result for One Photo Focus on the 10th January.

As I’ve said previously, I really love old trucks and photographing them. There’s something so interesting about them. Textures, shapes and stories untold.

I enjoyed working on Emilio’s original image and the challenge presented by not knowing the background story of the image – and the photo being taken by someone else – a very fun challenge. (Click on Emilio’s link above to see the original image).

I asked Emilio, if he’d mind if I had another go at it.  He gave me the go ahead 🙂  After hearing Emilio’s story of the trucks, I thought I’d like to try for a more colourful mood – even something a bit quirky.

I managed the colourful, but not the quirky – it seems these trucks are very much of their own era. It was fun though to try and create a different mood.  Changing the first truck was my foremost thought here – the rest evolved as I went.  These 3 images are basically the same, except for the first truck.  Here are my results for the 2nd editing attempts.  Fun, fun!!! Thanks Emilio and also to Stacy who hosts the One Photo Focus challenge 😀

A note on my blog:

I am presently having issues with images not displaying correctly, so I have reverted to my original theme, which I hope displays correctly… It’s something I’m presently researching and hope to resolve at some point.  Seems I am not on my own and that perhaps it has something to do with responsive design.  I’m on a learning curve here 😉

17 thoughts on “Revisiting Emilio’s trucks..

  1. How much mileage can we get out of this image? What you failed to mention in my giving you the go ahead was that I was going to give it another try, too, and post with you. But I don’t have the talent you have! 🙂 So I gave up on that idea when I saw my results. As I told you, I love these. Can’t really decide which is my favorite. I feel three quarters like Andy Warhol! We need one more version with different colors!

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    1. The image has had plenty of mileage now 😉
      Lol… well I didn’t say it because it wasn’t my place and – Oh dear…and I certainly wasn’t going to say that about talent – you know I liked your Grunge version very much!
      We all see / try / do things differently! 😀
      I like the Warhol idea – one more wafer? 😀 😀
      Thank you Emilio – I do appreciate being able to have another go at this!!


  2. Its interesting just how much the change of colour effects the whole image. The green version, for instance, makes the foliage seem less in the background. I think my favourite colour version is the blue. The original photo is great – the repetition, battered, rusty textures, the lines – so I can see why you keep coming back to it. It reminds me of going along to classic car rallies with my dad.


    1. Thanks so much Laura 🙂 Yes the colour really does change the image. I couldn’t decide on one colour and there are a few other colour changes as well. Was a very fun image to work with and I’m pleased Emilio was happy for me to try again.
      Yes the texture, lines etc are wonderful.
      Glad it brought nice memories to mind. Thanks for commenting Laura 😀


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