Post for Brendan.. and B&W Challenge – Day 3 of 5

Blast Furnace Ruins - Lithgow NSW
Blast Furnace Ruins – Lithgow NSW

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Hi Brendan – it’s good to be back posting for you for another year πŸ˜€

Today I thought I’d share an image taken recently of the fantastic Blast Furnace ruins in Lithgow. I do enjoy visiting these ruins.

This year I’m hoping to post fortnightly for you on Thursdays, starting today.Β  Wishing you a good couple of weeks ahead. See you in a fortnight πŸ˜€

The original post on β€˜Posting for Brendan’ can be found here.

I’m also sharing this image for day 3 of the BW challenge..

Max from Cardinal Guzman has challenged me to post Black and White photos for 5 consecutive daysΒ  πŸ˜€

I return, I am to challenge somebody new for each day I post.

Today I nominate Robert from Infrared Robert.Β  I enjoy Robert’s photography immensely. I hope you will too.

This is NOT a ‘have to’ and you can choose not to play along if you’d rather not or do it later if it doesn’t fit your current schedule.. it’s completely up to you πŸ˜€

If you choose to play along – you post a B&W photo for five consecutive days from when you start and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge.

I don’t usually participate in these types of challenges, but I thought this one looked like fun πŸ˜€

30 thoughts on “Post for Brendan.. and B&W Challenge – Day 3 of 5

    1. It’s a fabulous place Lisa – if you ever get up this way I’ll take you out there πŸ˜€
      It’s not big, but steeped in history.. and I find you feel the history while you are on site.


  1. This one works so well in B&W Robyn and I love how my eye seems to travel around the photo and come back to the posts again. Great composition. Have a great day, we’ve finally got sun after a week of rain πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Lee, I’m so pleased you wander around the image – that was my hope with the composition πŸ˜€
      Hope you enjoyed your sunny day yesterday – we had a fabulous sunny day too and now another cooler day. 5 deg C to start this morning!


  2. Oh, VERY cool!
    Some day I’ll try to get you a shot of our little furnace at Caledonia … not nearly as impressive as this one though.
    Wonderful shot —


  3. Robyn this is just lovely, I ADORE the light and tonings and detail on that broken wall to the right, what a fabulous site to be able to visit.


    1. Thanks Stacey, I’m pleased you like it – this is a fabulous place to visit and I go as often as I can.
      Some days are very ho hum (with the weather) and other days are amazing!


    1. Hello Brendan – so great to hear from you again… thanks for stopping by.
      Thanks for such a heartfelt comment – I greatly appreciate it and I am so glad you feel that way!!
      It is intended πŸ™‚
      You take care too x


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