AB Friday – One Photo Focus – March

The first Friday of the month (Saturday for me) means that it’s AB Friday,  One Photo Focus again hosted by Stacy.

This month we are editing an image taken by Loré Dombaj * waving at you Loré * 😀

I really like Loré’s image for this month, with all it’s circular patterns, but in the end I decided to focus on the little garden sculpture, as that is where I kept wanting to look.

This is my interpretation of Loré’s image.


These are the steps I took to arrive at this result: Camera Raw – adjusted Temperature, Levels and Clarity.  Open in PS – Crop, Dodge and Burn areas. Use Topaz Adjust 5 preset Black Rose and add vignette. Back into PS – Add Curves Contrast.

Here is Loré’s original unedited image.. I love all the circular patterns here 🙂


– click for a larger, sharper view –

Once again, I’ve really enjoyed this process, knowing that there are others working on the same image – You can view them all on Stacy’s blog at Visual Venturing.

I hope the link will be correct (I am scheduling before Stacy’s post). If not for some reason, click here 😀

40 thoughts on “AB Friday – One Photo Focus – March

  1. Yes, you did well to crop this – the un-cropped image while giving context was too busy (for me) this gives the viewer a central point of focus (the cherub) – and I’m personally partial to a warm toned image anyway. Nice work Robyn.

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    1. Morning Robert and thank you! Im very glad you like the crop. I did try other things, but they distracted me from where my eye was wanting to look.
      Thanks for your thoughts 😃


    1. Hi Karen, definitely up at present. Its 7pm here 😃
      This has been another beaut challenge – I love seeing all the variations. Thank you for your lovely comment 😃
      I had a feeling we may have approached ours in a similar way 😜😜


  2. I really like the crop and warm tones in your edit. Do you have all of the Topaz products. I have Topaz ReStyle and was thinking about getting some of the others. Do you have a favorite product by them?


    1. Thanks Kirsten, Im glad you like it. I tried a lot of things before I settled on this one.
      No, I dont have the suite of Topaz – I probably have about 5 of them. The ones I use the most out of them are Adust and Clarity. The others, I visit occasionally and test out in the challenges 😉 I dont use them all the time but I really do like these 2.
      They do have 30 day trials which is really helpful – its time enough to see whether you’d really use them.

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      1. I have the full suite. I use them all pretty frequently except for Topaz Glow. I’m not sure I’ll ever find a use for that. In addition to the 30 day trial, they are often on sale after Thanksgiving.

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  3. Robyn, I love that you weren’t concerned about cropping out a good portion of the foliage! I need to remember that sometimes less is more 🙂 We don’t need to see it all to know what the photo is about, and by doing this, you got rid of the distracting background. I also love the tone you brought to the image – it’s as it it was being shot in the remnants of the golden hour. Just lovely!


    1. Hi Stacy and thanks for stopping by 🙂
      My initial response was not to crop so much, but to clone and tidy the background (which worked).. but my eye kept being drawn to the darkness in the middle (top of the pot) and wondered what would happen if it wasn’t there. In this instance, I thought it was better without, combined with the tones of the image.
      I’m very glad you like the edit. It was a challenging and fun image to work with, thanks to Lore.. another fun OPF. Thanks Stacy!

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  4. I agree with the comments above about the warm tones and how it really helped the picture. I can’t figure out how you did it though – I also used Black Rose in Topaz and mine is very blue and cold! Which is fine – I wanted that effect. I must have started with a different temperature and tonal value – by quite a bit too.

    And I loved the crop. I thought I was pretty bold doing mine, but I don’t think I was quite bold enough!

    I do have the full suite of Topaz. I generally buy them on sale after Thanksgiving. I like Topaz Impression quite a bit and am using Restyle a bit more. But I end up using most of them at some point during each month.


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    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment 🙂
      The Topaz Plugins are great. I think I have about 5 of them, but mainly use Clarity and Adjust. I like details 🙂
      They are great with their promotions etc.
      Yes I would have started with a warmer temp for this image – my preference.
      From memory, I may have tweaked the Red Channel as well in Curves.

      I’m glad you liked the crop. I was happiest with this – no distractions.
      I really enjoyed seeing all the variations and have yet to pop around to all the blogs.
      Another great month!!

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      1. I did! I don’t usually use something that does an overall tint, but when you look at mine, it pulls it to almost black and white. But yes, of all the things to use in Topaz Adjust, I couldn’t believe we BOTH used the same filter.

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