Monochrome Madness 2 – 4

I’ve finally made it back for another week on Monochrome Madness and this week is a special one – our first ever theme week.  The theme is ‘MM’ and it can be interpreted however we like.

I have another flower to share with you today – have I told you I love flowers 😀

Micro Mystery
Micro Mystery

This close up view is of a tiny rose, no bigger than an 1 1/2 inches across – hence the ‘Micro’. I love looking closer.

To see lots more inspiring monochrome images, pop over to  Leanne’s  – there will be 2 galleries today. Don’t miss it!

Thanks Leanne for all you do making this challenge possible 😀

April Fools Day:

As it’s April Fools today, I thought I’d also include the same image, but with a bit of ‘April Fool’s whimsy’… something different.

April Fool's Illusion
April Fool’s Illusion

Taking a break:

I’m going to be taking a sporadic break throughout April, so my regular posts will not be happening ( I do hope to be catching up on some blog reading though and I’ll definitely be visiting the One Four Challenge posts to see what everyone has decided for the April review).

I do want to share ‘Flowers on Friday’ with you, so I’ll schedule those posts… and if I have something else to share I may even post about that too. Regular posts will resume in May.

Have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate and I’ll see you somewhere around the blogs!

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  1. So very pretty Robyn. I knew it was yours as soon as I saw it on Leanne’s page. Micro Mystery … nice 😀 You have a wonderful Easter and a nice long break! Get out in that garden LOL


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