Petal Textures

Another rose from me, with a different focus.  This time focusing on the amazing textures within a rose (click for a closer view).  This particular rose – a tea rose –  has the most amazing rose scent too. Gorgeous!  Wish I could share it with you 🙂


As you can see I’m also experimenting with some subtly added textures. I don’t often add extra texture layers (well, I haven’t for quite some time), although I did in week 4 of the March One Four Challenge, where I added some of my own bokeh (morning dew) as texture. I do love texture! That comes through from my love of textiles 😀

April has been as busy as I expected it would be and I haven’t sat for long at the computer as yet. My back is sore, so not lots of sitting and work is calling. A fine balance is needed.

Just popping in really to say hi and to share another gorgeous rose. Outside the weather is rain, rain and rain!!

50 thoughts on “Petal Textures

    1. Hi Kaz! 😀
      Glad you like it – so textured. Do love a rose.
      Mmm, yes think we’re in for much more rain. We’ve had lots now, after none. Australia!
      Glad you’re not getting the wind. It’s been very windy here.

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  1. Hey Miss … sore back, not good! But it sounds like you are looking after yourself. Good! Love your rose, I can nearly smell it from here. Very subtle shades and texture … Pop into Frog Pond when you get a chance, I miss your comments. Always 😀

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  2. Hi Robyn, sorry to hear that your back is still playing up.
    Tea roses…just another wonderful creation which you have captured beautifully.
    Keep safe in this atrocious weather…we have been drenched but luckily, no wind so far. Hope you have been spared the worse of it too. xXx D.

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    1. So lovely to hear from you D!!! 🙂 Thanks for popping in.
      The rose is divine – I know you can imagine 😉
      Yes we’ve had a busy few weeks and my back doesn’t like it, so now I’m on go slow again.
      Still so much better than this time last year. I have to pace myself these days.
      Glad you’re not in a state of emergency. We are not either, thankfully. just lots of rain and wind (not damaging here).
      I do look forward to our next lunch!! xxx


    1. Thank you Ben – I do prefer subtle on a typical day 😉 Well, today
      Glad you like it – I thought it was lovely and something we’d possibly miss, without a closer look.


    1. Thank you Raewyn! 😃
      Yes the weather has gone from bad to worse. Many people without power and damaged homes. Roads flooded etc. I’m sure you’ve seen already.
      We are presently fine, although incredibly wet..and thankful xx


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