Autumn Sunrise..

A beautiful sight this morning…

Frost and dew on everything. Fog settling and mist rising. Deep shadows and the sun making it’s way through the trees.


Lens complimentaries and the sky turning to blue… a beautiful day!

Have a fabulous one 🙂

34 thoughts on “Autumn Sunrise..

  1. Beautiful and gorgeous Robyn! With the mist rising…. just can’t get that in the city. I’ll be down your wayish next week to Gulgong for a few days and I hope to get some misty morning shots if its not too cold to get up early……

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      1. Me too. This trip is a quick one as Chris has a bit to do on his property in that week so hopefully next trip will be more relaxing and definitely would like to catch up but if we are all done and heading your way Ill let you know 🙂


  2. I am there! The frosty nose feeling, the beautiful light, the sounds of my jacket rubbing and my breath steaming. Love those frost tipped mornings transitioning into daytime, beautiful Robyn.


  3. Beautiful shot – love the light 🙂 I’m fed up of the cold overcast days we seem to have had for weeks, and it is SO dry…but it’s looking good for the end of the week, maybe even a frost -yay!


    1. Hello Lis, it was a gorgeous morning. Today is rather different. Dull and grey, although Ive just noticed patches of blue.
      Its amazing you’re still so dry (as we were too and desperately needing rain).. I hope it comes for you too.. and a frost! 😛


  4. Great photo Robyn. And Autumn is a grand time of year, not too cold and not too hot. Love the mist rising and the dew across the paddocks – typically Australian scene, lovely.

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