47 thoughts on “Flowers on Friday..

    1. Thanks Leanne 😃😃
      We havent had many yet either, but I had to get out in this one. We really didnt have many frosts like this last winter.
      Bring ’em on, I hope 😜


      1. Thanks Max, yes it was gorgeous light. Sunrise with long shadows and very yellow orange sun presently and the shorter days.
        Our winters would vary from possibly -5 to 15 deg C (in my region – Australia varies incredibly from cold to hot) on regular days. We don’t get your temps of course, but there are extremes 😃
        I love the frosts with all the variations.


      2. Oh yes – it is quite varied here.
        Safe to say across the whole nation, from -10 conservatively to 50+.
        Will check out your image 😃


      3. Yep, those would be extremes, but there are places people build underground (Coober Pedy) to live in the hot areas.
        Im pretty sure they are dry areas too.
        On the coast near Sydney, the hottest I remember was 49.2deg C one year with humidity! Yuk!
        We are a wonderful country of extremes! 😃😃


      4. Your images are so gorgeous! Beautiful light colour and more. Winter shots are some of my favourites.
        We get snow ( again, my region) once or twice maybe each year and then some years none at all.
        I always enjoy seeing your winter wonderland over there 😃


      5. Thank you Robyn. I enjoy the winter on photos too, but I’m not a huge fan of cold temperatures and cold hands/feet…
        I once had an Australian visiting that had never seen snow. He arrived Oslo when it was -22° and he totally loved it! He was fascinated by the fact that he could see his own breath.

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      6. Ha ha, yes I understand, but its for the art…lol
        Our cold comes in the morning and may stay at 5+ deg on a cold day. Bit different to your snow covered landscapes in winter.
        Yes Im not surprised at one of ours not having seen snow.


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