Post for Brendan – Pop Farming..

Pop! Pop! Pop farming…

Everybody talkin' 'bout Pop Farming.. barp barp doo wup!
Everybody talkin’ ’bout Pop Farming.. barp barp doo wup!

Being silly today Brendan, with some colour and toys.  Wishing you another great week and fortnight ahead x

The original post on ‘Posting for Brendan’ can be found here.

PS: I see that one of my fave blogs Lignum Draco is hosting the Weekly Photo Challenge this week and I think my image fits the description… Vivid! 😀

16 thoughts on “Post for Brendan – Pop Farming..

    1. Glad you think so LD – I was happy to join in this time round 🙂 Thank You for hosting!
      I’m looking forward to a catch up on your blog – work has kept me running lately.
      I didn’t get to Vivid myself, so am looking forward to seeing your wonderful photos very soon!


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