One Four Challenge –June Week 3

Good Monday morning and welcome to week 3 of our June challenge! 😀  I do hope you had time to play a little (or a lot) with your image this week and perhaps to try something new.


Surprise!!  I know, it’s pink! I’ll tell you more about this further on 😉

Once again, welcome to the new people joining us. Do hope you’re enjoying the challenge..  I’m looking forward as usual to seeing everyone’s changes and the different editions for this week.

Please let me know if I haven’t visited you yet.  I think I’m making it around all of the blogs – Some feeds are not coming up in Reader though, so please let me know… I’m also slow presently, battling with a slow (or no – at times) internet connection.  I think I’m caught up, but let me know otherwise 😀 😀


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My image:

This week, I’ve been doing some hit and miss experiments with light and surface. It’s been very interesting.  To my eye, the images for this week are purely about surfaces. I’d love to know what your impressions are regarding this.

One thing I’ve been trying lots of (more than usual) this week – is changing blend modes on random layers to see what happens.  It’s very interesting! Some results are amazing and some are well, just horrible.

So yes, my image this week is Pink. I know we either love or hate pink, so I added a few other colours as well 😀 On my screen, these show as very pure hues. I’ve also added a bit of noise to the images. I liked it better that way.

I stepped across into design this week.  I can imagine these images or some all together on a wall or an advertisement.

Please click for a larger, sharper view


This week, my processing was surprisingly simple.

Using last week’s image, I added a Gradient Map adjustment layer set to normal blend mode.  The colours shown are simply a ‘colour and white’ gradient.  I didn’t intend to use this design based approach, but the simplicity and the purity of colour appealed to me.  I do think some colours work a bit better than others and I’ve done this so we have a comparison.

I wonder what you think of this detour of mine. I understand that this won’t appeal to everyone.. and that’s really ok 🙂

Your kind thoughts and comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Your Image:

Over to you again and looking forward to seeing what you’ve done this week.

About the challenge and how it works:

This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.
We will all  process / post edit (our own chosen image) and share a different version each week.
Process it however you like… and tell us a bit about it. You don’t have to show the original image unless you’d like to.  (I’m going to show mine in week 4 along with the 4 variations from the month).
Try new things, experiment.  Be as creative or subtle as you wish to be.
Each week starts again on Monday (Aussie time) and closes off the following Sunday (at the end of the day), so there is a whole week for you to create your post, link up here and tag your post.
This is a ongoing challenge. We will do the 1st four Mondays of the month.  If there are 5 Mondays in a month – we’ll still only post on 4.
A bit about the review month/s
The review month will be a regular part of the challenge from now on. I hope you like the idea and make it work for you.. You can read more about it ‘here
This is how it will work – and this way we can plan ahead, knowing what’s coming up.
  • May, June and July – One Four Challenge
  • August – Review month
  • September, October, November – One Four Challenge
  • December – Review month
  • January, February, March – One Four Challenge
  • April – Review month… and so it goes 😉

We’re going to try this until January 2016 and see what we think then 🙂 I hope that works for you. Your thoughts and comments are welcome!

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Have another great week, filled with creativity 🙂

Robyn xx

70 thoughts on “One Four Challenge –June Week 3

    1. Hi Klara – he he yes I agree, completely unexpected 😃😃
      The pink and red would be my preferences as well.. and perhaps the teal I think.
      Im so pleased you think its refreshing! In a way for me, that connects to the drink 😃 Thank you.
      Looking forward to your post again this week.


    2. Klara, I like your edition for week 3. The textures you have brought out in the door and the floor – and the added warmth are lovely.
      Nicely done!
      I see my comment on last week’s post didn’t ‘stick’, so I will keep commenting here 😃


    3. Klara, I can never get comments to stay. So I’m going to do what Robyn did and comment here. I like this week’s edit. The textures really seem to be stronger which is great.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Deb 😃
      Participants do have blogs, mainly because we link up and leave comments for each other. Its also a place to post our current week’s images.


    2. PS You are most welcome to join us. You could use Flickr or something similar if you can link up and we can come visit and comment. See what you think 😀


  1. OMG! And I don’t say that lightly. I feel like you’ve channeled your inner Warhol and I can’t fault you for the attempt. As you say, some colors work better than others but I much prefer the sepia of Week 2! 🙂 Me?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know.. Ha ha… Yes Warhol certainly came to mind 😜
      Im glad you still have your fave Emilio – this one was fun fresh and light.. and a complete surprise to me!
      Am unsure of my fave as yet. Will be interesting to see what next week holds 😃😃
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Clean and rather appealing. I like the pink version as it shouts summer drinks – pink lemonade or raspberryade. And I like the orange version too, perhaps because it reminds me of the original.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Debbie – I really like your description 😃😃
      I think there is something refreshing here that connects to the drinks. A fun experiment!


  3. Interesting play, Robyn. My eye wants the focus bottle to contintue to be in focus a little further down the stem of the bottle, but that’s MY eye. It does have a graphic design look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such fun Lynne and I agree with your comment on the stem of ‘the’ bottle. There is an out of focus bottle right in front of it and I think simplifying the image to one colour brings more attention to the one ‘strong’ bottle. My eye agrees 😃

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  4. I am completely surprised that I’m going to say this, but I actually love this edit of yours! I can see them hanging on the wall of a modern styled office – maybe even in quadrants?!? The pink, yellow, and darker blue are my favorites. There’s something retro about the whole design too. You totally surprised me – pleasantly, I must say – with this edit Robyn. It really makes the focused bottle “pop”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It completely surprised me too Kirsten – a very fun and light experiment 🙂
      I do agree about them hanging in fours or more… those were my thoughts too.
      I’m so pleased you are pleasantly surprised – as I said I felt it was a step across into design and yes I feel the ‘retro’ too.
      Thanks Kirsten 😀 😀


    1. Amanda, so pleased you like it – thank you 😀 I was thinking a cafe or office too and I think the collage works as a whole.
      Can’t wait to see your 3 versions!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Robyn, what a splash of color! I think it is impressive how crisp the in focus cap and tip of the bottle are, they almost reflect back like 3-D out of the screen. Cool! For a graphic design idea, this is really a great edit. My eye is enjoying the teal most and I love the idea of a quadrant art display.
    Bravo for mixing it up! You are brave and wildly creative. I need to jump out of the box, you have inspired me!


  6. This is such a neat experiment, Robyn! I can totally see these as backgrounds for advertisements, the pure hues lend themselves nicely to flavor themes, strawberry, cherry, grape, lemon, orange, …. blueberry… and I’m not sure for teal/turquoise but surely something fun. And you might think I’m kinda weird, but I can also see this as stationary for writing letters back home in a reduced opacity… I’m partial to the purple (and the blue). 😀

    I’m kinda late getting to your site this week, and even though you’ve already visited me I’m gonna add my link to my submission for this week …


    1. Hi Nic – apologies for my late reply. I thought I had replied to this.
      It was a very fun experiment and I really like your idea of the colours being flavours! Neat! In fact I like all of your ideas. Thanks 😀

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