Flowers on Friday

It’s Friday… here 🙂 ..and for Flowers on Friday today,  I’m sharing some more Cyclamen images – the same plant as last week.  They’re the only flowers I have blooming presently apart from cute little Jump Up Johnnys (Heartsease). Might need to change that!


A few people commented ( thank you ) last week on the form and curves of the cyclamen flower and I started wondering about the meaning in the Language of Flowers… Much to my surprise the most common meaning is ‘resignation and goodbye’ …and ‘shyness’ was another one. I think they’re beautiful and it makes me wonder why plants like these were labelled with such sad meanings.

The cyclamen seems to be a very old species.  They originate from parts of the Middle East according to Mr Google 😉

To see another post on cyclamens, pop on over to Raewyn’s to read more about them.

A word of thanks from me to all of you who pop by, comment and follow what’s happening here.  I appreciate each and every follow, like, visit and comment.  They inspire me to keep learning on this endless journey, playing, experimenting and honing this thing I love doing – Photography 😀 ..and it’s such fun to ‘meet’ with like minded people!

Wishing everyone a good weekend 😀

Robyn x



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