Monochrome Madness 2-17

This week is theme week for Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne… and the theme is ‘K’.  Find anything starting with the letter K.

I thought this would be a tricky one – but I found a few ‘K’ things…  Once I started, I could have kept going. Fun!  I’m sharing three images today.

This one is a ‘Knot’ in a rope..

Knot MM2-17 RobynGosby 2015

..and these next two are our beautiful and very different ‘Kelpie X’ girls who keep me busy… Sisters.


Such a fun week!  To see a gallery of inspiring monochrome images, pop over to  Leanne’s. Don’t miss it!  Thanks Leanne for all you do making this challenge possible 😀

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