One Four Challenge – August Review

Welcome to the 2nd Review month of the One Four Challenge!

The challenge itself is on ‘pause’ once again, for August – and we are taking  the month to review our creations from the challenge so far.

week 4 the poll favourite and my own favourite
May, week 4 – the poll favourite and my own favourite

Hover over the images to see my favourite and the poll favourite from each month 🙂

This review month is all about looking back at our images and what we’ve achieved so far in the One Four Challenge… ( and if we are inclined – to revisit / rework, some of our images – this is optional – see further in the post for ideas ).

The Review Month is open to ALL participants of the One Four Challenge – whether you’ve only joined in once or every month!

June – week 3 simplified versions were my favourites with week 2 coming a close 2nd.

Week 4 - Old Film feel poll favourite
Week 4 – Old Film feel – poll favourite

Throughout August, we will show a gallery of our works – from the editions we have created so far – from May to July – or whenever you joined us.

I hope we all enjoy this month again. Last review month was great, seeing what everyone decided to do. Once again, I think it will be fun ( and hopefully rewarding ) to look back and see what we’ve done so far and I think many of us will also enjoy a ‘pause’.

These are the ideas to play with for August’s review… and remember, the choice is yours!

Ideas  -these are additional to a gallery and completely optional.

  1. Rework or Revisit some / any / none of your previous One Four challenge images. Maybe there’s an image that you’d really like to go back to and have another go – this is the time to do it and share with us
  2. A Down Month – You could use the review month as a ‘down’ month, just sharing a gallery and getting outside, taking lots of photos!
  3. Post whenever you like throughout August – weekly or once only – link up to THIS review post ( and tag as usual ), so we can still find each other in Reader, throughout the month.

You’ll be able to find this ( my ) post for linking on the Front page of this blog (or under One Four Challenge on the menu)..

If you have any questions, please ask me. It’s a pretty flexible idea, within this framework. Do what suits you and most of all – Enjoy!! Have fun with it.

I’m going to take another blog break throughout August – and I’m looking forward to some off screen time with the camera…and family (not in that order) 😉  I’ll definitely be popping in to approve and reply to comments and check out all the posts – but my regular posts will resume once again at the beginning of September… although I’m thinking I may post Flowers on Fridays…

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite images from the Challenge for May, June and July.. and the most voted for images for each month.

Here’s a gallery of all of the images that I liked the most ( and still do ).. from each of the months combined.

As I said I’ll be checking in to approve posts and read blogs throughout August and once again  I’m looking forward to getting out with the camera.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how everyone approaches this 2nd Review Month..and to seeing your images again.  Have fun!!

After our review month, we’ll be back again on the very first Monday (7th) of September!!  Take care everyone!!

29 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – August Review

  1. I really like that you have incorporated these breaks in with the challenge. It is a lovely form of self care 🙂 Great bit of work these past months, love seeing them all together in one place.
    I am still holding on to the last few weeks of summer. Taking a much needed retreat from my family for a week! The best way for me to recharge for the coming school year and replenish after the wild year we have been through. It is so exciting. I leave tomorrow. The next month will be here before we know it!


    1. Thank you Carrie – I think a pause is as important as going full steam ahead… Good work and play from you too 😀
      I do appreciate yours and everyone’s comments.. it’s a great thing we are all a part of.
      Have the very best time away.. and enjoy xx
      Yes it will be here before we know it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amy – yes August is our 2nd review month.
      You’d be so welcome to join us. Jump in for September if you’re ready 😃😃
      So happy to hear you’re learning with us all xx


  2. Whohoho, I caught up with every post!!! Finally. 🙂 I must say, this break idea is great, it gives much needed time to recharge our batteries. Lovely to see all your versions in one place, who would know the bottles could be such a great subject. And the play between Emilio and you still makes me smile, what a great idea. Maybe it is time for another challenge – we have your’s One photo in four different versions, Stacy’s One photo edited by all…maybe we can choose two images and merge them? I think that would end up in too many crazy edits. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!! There are so many crazy possibilities aren’t there?! 😜 I do have one idea brewing, based on Emilio’s any my collaboration… we’ll see 😃
      Really pleased you’re all caught up – I am still catching up myself.. and the break? Yes, a recharge is important.. and reignites creativity!
      This challenge and the people in it, inspire me 😃😃


    1. This is a great idea Debbie – I do enjoy B&W very much as that was my beginning in photography. Look forward to them all and September’s choice as well.
      Thank you, I will enjoy the break and hope you do too. I really hope to be out with the camera 😃😃


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