August – Behind the scenes

Hello and welcome to my second post on ‘Behind the Scenes’…and some of my doings from the month that has just passed – August.

In July, I decided that somewhere around the beginning of each new month, I’d like to share with you my ‘Behind the Scenes’ images.. the ones that usually don’t make it to the blog, because there aren’t that many days in a month 😀

August was a great month for getting out of my ordinary circumstances – I spent a bit of time in the city, which is not commonplace for me. I’ve also included some ‘everyday random-ness’ as well and some of my other ‘doings’.

The Art Gallery of NSW – I did tell you about this in my post, ‘Today was a good day’.. and here are a few snapshots from our fun day out. It was a lovely temperate day and quite hazy as you can see.

In the Backyard – no photos of gardening this time around, but plenty of ordinary things that you might step over – or on –  without even noticing..  Light play can be fantastic in our own back yards too!

Flowers – I’ve been the keeper of some lovely vase flowers this month.. I ‘need’ flowers 😉 – they brighten my days!

Sydney at night – This is my very first effort at night time photography in the city. It’s not often I have the chance.


It’s not the first time I’ve been on a night shoot – but it’s the first time I was behind the camera 😀 I really enjoyed this and of course there is always something new to learn, which is one of the things I love about photography. Sydney is a very pretty city at night.

Looking across the harbour, you can see the Australian Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and North Sydney. Luna Park was lit up as well for some occasion. Bonus!

I did take a few other photos, but it seems they are gone. In my enthusiasm to put them on my computer… well, I don’t know… Maybe I overwrote them accidently. Sigh! So now.. I’ll look forward to the next time 😀

Sunset by the river– I spent an hour one afternoon wandering by the river at sunset. So enjoyable.. and peaceful!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed August. I hope it’s been a good one for you too! As I said it’s been a fun month of seeing some new (and old) things.

Hope you have enjoyed my second Behind the Scenes.. Have a fabulous September! Come on Spring 😀

28 thoughts on “August – Behind the scenes

  1. Well the one night shot you did get is lovely! What a brilliant view. It does look like you quiet enjoyed yourself by the river, lots of beauty and subtle light. I love the black and whites from your backyard. Gorgeous contrast and light! Always a pleasure to see your work Robyn.


    1. Thanks Carrie – yes I was pretty happy with that one 😀
      It’s been a great month photographically – all the wandering and exploring has been fun!
      I always appreciate your comments 😀


    1. Thanks Karen – glad you enjoy them.
      The sweetpea is something I’m playing with myself presently.
      You need light and in the processing, play with the highlights and clarity 😀
      Have fun!!


  2. What a great idea, Robyn, and a wonderful gallery of photos! Of course, I’m partial to the Sydney cityscape 😉 and you did a fantastic job on your first behind-the-lens night shoot!! Now I need to go check out your first post!

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  3. fantastic shot Robyn! also love the one with the mango orange sun peeking out from the clouds, that is gorgeous 🙂 your Sydney photo grabbed my eye, as I had just pressed Publish…. and my pic … yes, …it is Sydney Bridge! too late for me to press ‘undo’ lol

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  4. I agree with everyone else, Robyn, your nighttime shot is fabulous. My favorite in the gallery is the one that pop the caption – man vs nature. The play of light through the gate was superb!!

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