One Four Challenge – Sept Wk 3

Hi folks – it’s week 3 already!!  Welcome again, to the One Four Challenge 😀


Hope it’s been another good and productive week for us all – making discoveries and/or trying something new.

My image:

This month I’ve chosen a sunset to work with – taken across a river, looking through trees on the riverbank and my aim is to try and bring out the detail, while staying true to what I saw.

Still proving just a little tricky, because I am going for fairly realistic this time around (until perhaps week 4 😉 ).. and it’s been quite a challenge for me trying to remember what I saw.

Sunsets take many forms, with beautiful colour and I do remember red in this one, that I didn’t capture ‘in camera’.

This week I went in a different direction, spurred on by Ben’s comment last week about a daylight/cooler temperature.  As the sky transitions and the sun sinks low in the sky – the colour gradients are so wonderful.


Please click for a larger, sharper view

This week is a much softer and very different result.  Gone is much of the warmth and the grunginess that was apparent to me last week. The hint of the sun rays are still there and I’ve added in the setting sun for this edition.

Also I’ve cropped for a wider feel, removing the river below completely. I did like the water reflections below, but I think this works too as a different composition.

What did I do this week? No idea really 😛

I did research, pressed buttons and tried lots of things!  Most of my processing was done in Camera Raw this time to see what I could do and then a few adjustments in PS.  One thing I did do, that I think is evident was to lower the temperature (and contrast) – down to around the low 5000s.

I kinda like it and I think it has a far more restful feel about it.  What do you think?

Your kind thoughts and comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Change it up?

If anyone feels like adding an extra layer to this challenge for this month – please feel free to find one partner (within the One Four Challenge) and swap/combine images, to see what you can come up with by week 4. (See July week 4 – Emilio’s and my combining of our two images).

This is not a requirement at all, but just an extra if you’re looking for an added challenge layer 😀

Your Image:

It’s over to you again and to your image. Looking forward to seeing them again!

About the challenge and how it works:

  • This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.
  • We will all  process / post edit (our own chosen image) and share a different version each week. Process it however you like… and tell us a bit about it. You don’t have to show the original image unless you’d like to.  (I’m going to show mine in week 4 along with the 4 variations from the month). Others show theirs from the start. The choice is yours.
  • Try new things, experiment.  Be as creative or subtle as you wish to be. All skill levels are welcome.
  • Each week starts again on Monday (Aussie time) and closes off the following Sunday (at the end of the day), so there is a whole week for you to create your post, link up here and tag your post.

Please Tag and Link up – this makes our challenge work.

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(Note: if you are on Blogger – I will reply to your One Four post here on my blog, under your comment / post link.  I am unsure why, but my message replies don’t seem to work – others have found the same – so look for them here please).

This is a ongoing challenge. Experiment, play, learn and have fun! We will do the 1st four Mondays of the month..and if there are 5 Mondays in a month – we’ll still only post on 4. Enjoy!
The review month
The review months are a regular part of our challenge.  In the review month, the One Four Challenge takes a break from the regular schedule to revisit some of our previous images, or simply to take some time out for a month.

This is how it works:

  • May, June, July – One Four Challenge
  • August – Review month
  • September, October, November – One Four Challenge
  • December – Review month
  • January, February, March – One Four Challenge
  • April – Review month… and so it goes 😉

I might be on the road travelling tomorrow morning when this post goes live, so please bear with me. I’m looking forward to another One Four week. Hope you are too! Have a great one.. and see you ’round the blogs 😀

Robyn xx

53 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Sept Wk 3

  1. I definately see a much redder tone in this one – have you considered cropping some of the dark heavy foreground and in a bit on the trees to bring the focus to the sun?

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    1. Hi Stacey – thanks for your input 🙂
      Yes I agree about the foreground crop and in this image I have done just that.
      I definitely think the composition is better without the heavy trees on the right, but I just wanted to try a different ratio this time instead of the typical 3:2 / 6:4.
      Will keep this in mind for next week’s edition again – thanks 😀


  2. I really like the softness of what you have done, Robyn and the change in temperature. The sunset colours seem a little more intense, yet the sky above the clouds is gentle.


  3. I know what you mean about the difference between sunsets that you see and the camera sees. I took some shots last night that looked very ordinary later. The duck has lost his friend in your week 3 version, though now I notice the other ducks on the right. I think this edit gives an impression of it being later in the day — darker, and as you say, cooler. Perhaps the addition of the sun itself peeping below the clouds makes it seem later, too.
    Here’s my week 3:

    (next week I’ll be on holiday with (deliberately!) no internet-accessible devices, so although I’ll schedule my week 4 to go live on Monday I won’t be commenting or pinging back to yours)


  4. Another subtle rendition, which I think is best rather than over saturated sunsets that never look as beautiful as real life. I think I prefer week 2 only because I get more of the sun’s rays poking out from behind the clouds.


  5. Robyn – Is there any possible way to do this challenge on a (Link Party) hop? – I missed so many people’s post that today when I went through each comment one by one I found new ones that I hadn’t even seen their Wk. 1 edits. – I’m sure there must be some way to do a link party on a Word Press blog. – I even had people comment on my post that they would like to have seen the other participants but couldn’t figure out how to find them.


    1. Ida, I’d really like to stay with the format we have. After doing this challenge for almost a year, our format is in place and I’d like to keep it simple.
      I have created a blog post today though, that will hopefully give you an option (3) to follow by creating a WP account (not blog). this will give you access to the WP Reader, so that you never miss another post again and can find them all in one place.
      Please check it out and I hope it helps, so that you don’t miss out on any more posts. 😀


    1. No worries at all Nic – I am so behind because I am busy off screen. Thanks for popping by. Lovely to hear from you.
      Week 3 is my favourite of the 3 so far and I’m wondering if there ‘can’ be a 4th. Interesting 😛
      Looking forward to yours 😀

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