Options for reading WordPress blogs.. when you’re on another platform

This post has come about, due to trying to help and inform other readers/followers (who are not on WordPress) – on different ways to follow challenges, tags and posts on the WordPress platform.

I’m going to use the One Four Challenge as my example for following a challenge, as that is the challenge that I run.

Please remember, these are my thoughts after having researched options. My aim is to keep things simple and streamlined and staying within the existing format of the One Four Challenge.

There are probably quite a few options, but the ones that I think work ‘simply’ for following our challenge are these:


  1. Subscribe to, or follow the host site (in this case, mine for the One Four). Go to the site and related post – to view all of the comments and other participants, click on the links and pingbacks within comments to check out all of the linked blogs and their posts (this can be quite laborious if there are lots of people playing along.. but it’s an option).
  2. Follow along using Bloglovin’ or another feed reader.ย  I’m suggesting Bloglovin’ because I’m familiar with it – you can add all of the blogs (by URL) that you want to follow and even categorise them (I have mine set up with a One Four Challenge category) and mark them as read when you are finished – this takes you to the individual blog posts of each player. (Yes setting up takes time, but I think it’s worth the time).
  3. I think this third option is a very good option. Set yourself up a Gravatar, which creates a WordPress.com user account (you don’t have to create a WP blog, but you have the option). Creating a Gravatar allows you to access the WP Reader (to follow tags – One Four Challenge and others), to be able to leave comments on posts (and receive replies), within the Reader and on WP blogs.ย  You will also receive reply notifications and you can also link your website to your Gravatar, so that people can find you and visit you too.

If you do decide to set up a Gravatar, you can also follow the One Four Challenge using tags, by following this tutorial. Doing this will bring up all of the One Four Challenge post in one place as long as they are tagged.

I guess this is a tricky subject as all platforms have their own way of doing things.

One thing I really like about the WP platform, is the ability to reply to people within posts, instead of having to reply with email… and I like the community I have found here on WP over the years.

As I said, these are my thoughts and possibly not the only way to do things.. but these are my options for the One Four Challenge – I hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜€

9 thoughts on “Options for reading WordPress blogs.. when you’re on another platform

  1. I always wonder why people don’t make more use of the Gravatar i.e. by adding their own blog links for others to follow but had forgotten all about the search#tag option – thank you Robyn –


  2. I started using BlogLovin’ after you mentioned it… it is really nice to have one place to go to read all the blogs I follow (some blogs I read are not WP). I didn’t know about the ability to categorize them… I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to do that, because it would be nice to have the One Four stuff separated out from the other posts. )

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