CCY Challenge with Cee – Basic Composition Wk 1

Cee has started a really thought provoking new photographic series.

The first of this new series is called Basic Photo Composition and week #1 is How your camera is not like your eye. Pop on over to Cee’s to read more about it.

I think you can always learn more about composition, so I’m going to join in when I can. I really like working to a brief to keep me thinking, (an old habit from college) as well as photographing the things I like.

Yesterday afternoon I was out photographing some amazing skies – then this morning I woke to find this new challenge from Cee, so I thought I’d enter my skies.

This week, the brief is to challenge ourselves to try different things with focal length and to see our subject differently as opposed to our usual default settings – which I was I was experimenting with yesterday 😀

So… for me, I guess when I’m shooting a landscape I always try to fit in as much as possible… because… it’s a landscape. With macro I’m the opposite – I want to get as close as possible to do justice to my subject.

Back to yesterday’s landscape…

So my first shot was taken at 4.44pm and it’s as much as an overall shot as I can take with the lens I had on my camera.  The clouds were fantastic and it was a very bright spring afternoon with the typical contrasts for this time of year.

Skies 4.44pm Robyn Gosby 2015

My second image was taken almost an hour later, when I had to run outside with the camera again… Fantastic skies!!  I didn’t pay attention to my focal setting, but I zoomed in to get a closer look.   Note: normally I would move around the tree on the right, so it isn’t in picture.

Skies 5.38pm Robyn Gosby 2015

Thirdly, a closer look again… Yep I know there are power poles everywhere, but that’s how it is 😉

Skies 5.39pm Robyn Gosby 2015

..and lastly a different point of view.

Skies 5.40pm Robyn Gosby 2015

Shooting a landscape in portrait is not something I do very often, but this time I thought it needed to ‘be told’ this way to show those ‘boiling’ skies!

Gosh they were beautiful.  I love the skies around here… they change constantly and are full of light and shadows. Beautiful creations that I know we all enjoy here.

I haven’t been out with the camera much lately so it was great to be out on such a beautiful afternoon 🙂

Click for a sharper view of the images and pop on over to Cee’s to read more about the challenge!

banner-compose-yourself-challenge2    Thanks Cee 🙂

28 thoughts on “CCY Challenge with Cee – Basic Composition Wk 1

    1. Great to hear from you Stacy 🙂
      I kind of did it back to front this time but I thought it fit.
      Yes pop on over – anything that provokes thought and learning is always good, whatever stage we’re at. ..and hello! 😀


  1. Love the different perspectives and those skies are stunning. I can see why you kept shooting them in different ways. Interesting challenge…very interesting!


    1. Thanks heaps Carrie! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Of course nature is always better in person, but I have to run out with the
      The challenge and briefs do sound really interesting and thought provoking. I’m going to play along when I can 😀

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  2. Sound like a really interesting challenge and love your clouds particularly the portrait one, to me that gets in where the action is and shows the sky where the interest lies.


  3. Clouds are one of my all time favorites. For some great cloud photos, the Cloud Appreciation Society is a great website to visit!!! We have had some gorgeous sunsets in my area. I cannot recall if I posted the picture of them, though. I will have to check my blog. I am just getting back to it, and I find WordPress really confusing.


    1. Hi Carol, thanks for commenting 🙂
      Clouds can be so amazing! We’ve had some amazing skies here lately. Didn’t know about the Cloud Appreciation Society, so thanks for making me aware.
      Glad you’re getting back to blogging. I also found WP tricky when I came across from Blogger, some years ago, but now I like it best. Good luck finding your way around 🙂


  4. Funny thing with composition when I’m shooting – I don’t think about it, I feel it…I know this sounds a bit nutty , but shooting is so second nature that i do not spend a great deal of time thinking about it.

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    1. Morning Robert 😃 Not nutty at all 😜 My husband is the same way. It comes with experience I think. With my macro work, it’s intuitive for me, but not landscapes. Much to learn always! Love that.

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  5. Great clouds! I think the portrait works really well. We had some interesting cloud formations this week too even though it is autumn here – I thought it would rain as the sky turned so black, but it didn’t. Seeing your lovely shots I am kicking myself at not going out to capture them.
    Jude (via Cee’s site)

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    1. Thanks Jude 😃 Glad you like these skies.
      They must’ve been wonderful clouds for you on that day and memorable. I know what you mean. The skies are always changing near us, so I’m always cloud watching.
      Thanks for commenting 😃

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