One Four Challenge – Oct Wk 2…

Hello everyone 😀 Welcome to our second week of October. I hope you’ve had some editing fun this week!

Just a reminder: I need to take a break and step away from the computer for a while (after October’s challenge).  I’ve been struggling with my back again for a while now and I simply need to stop sitting at the computer, which I also do for my day job. So… at the end of October, the One Four Challenge and Me will be taking a break for a while. Thank you for understanding.

…I will return when I can.

As the One Four Challenge will be taking a break, I’d like to give you some options for a couple of other fun editing challenges.. and I know you’ll be welcome to join in.

  1. After Before Friday is a weekly editing challenge hosted by Ben – you can read more here and..
  2. One Photo Focus is a monthly editing challenge hosted by Stacy – you can read more here.

If you’d like to keep being challenged, I hope you’ll give one or both of these a go – they are fun and hosted by some very nice and talented people 😀

Ok, onward to our second week..

My image:

So… this month, I decided to play with something completely random and I kinda like it.  It really is purely play.  This quirky set of objects and the mix of colours really appealed to me… I think it’s very McRetro looking 🙂


Please click for a larger, sharper view

This week I started with my PS file from last week as my base image.

I added a lens flare and a light beam using Auto FX (new to me this week), then I added a texture layer (my own) and cropped and extended the image.  A bit of fun and I prefer the balance of the image this week.

Hope it makes you smile 😀 Kind thoughts and comments are always appreciated and welcome!

Your Image:

Now it’s over to you again and your image 😀

I’d like to say heartfelt thanks to all of you who have left comments and sent your support my way. It means a lot – thank you  so much!

Robyn xx

57 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Oct Wk 2…

  1. This isn’t the kind of photo I associate with you, but what fun! Great choice.
    So sorry to hear about your back. I can relate, because I’ve had chronic lower back for years, but never (touch wood!) as bad as yours seems to be. I hope it gets better quickly.


    1. It really is different I know… just a random thing really but somehow the colours and combination appealed to the design side of me 😀 Glad you like it!
      Thanks for your good wishes and sorry to hear about your back too. This has been ongoing for about 1 year 1/2 now but there are periods of really not good. Need to move forward and past this. The sitting never helps.
      Thank you Kaz – do hope you’re feeling better these days.

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  2. I have to agree this week is better than the last. I think it is because you have made the mundane special with the colours and the lens flare.
    I am not sure if I got round to commenting last week, I was super busy. I would like to say I understand the need to take a break for health reasons. and I am grateful for the shout out to the After Before Forum.


    1. lol.. I had to laugh Ben – mundane is the perfect word for the first image. The everyday-ness of life some days 😀
      I’m behind in commenting myself and always appreciate you taking the time.. thanks.
      It’s my pleasure to send people your way.. I do hope they join in with the AB Forum as well.
      Yes, I need to take a break.. My head and back are fighting over this presently, but just stepping back for a bit will help I hope.


  3. I love the fun feel of your image this week… in my mind I hear a little *ding* when I see the lens flare… you know like when someone on a campy show smiles and suddenly there is a sparkle and a *ding* on their teeth? Maybe I’m just weird, heh. But I like the fun you are having this month with your image. 😀

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  4. Oh, Robyn, so sorry to hear about your back and I’m so glad you’re taking time to treat yourself as you should! Have you ever thought about investing in a standing desk? I’m thinking about looking into that as my back pain lessens when I’m up and moving around.

    So Auto FX, huh? Are you enrolled in the PSArtistry course? I am, and got an email about downloading this for half price. I must remember to do it before Friday, before the price goes back up. Thanks for the reminder! Fun to see you using it and in such an unexpected and “happy” way 🙂 Thanks, too, for the shout out on 1PF. You’re the best!

    Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way 💕


    1. Thanks heaps Stacy – yes time out is necessary and nice to kick back a little which I have been doing already.
      How is your back going? I hope you are making progress 🙂
      Yes a standing desk is on my radar – to be honest I get up and walk away often – I’m able to do this and there are times when I stand at my regular desk too…like now.

      Yep Auto FX.. and yes I am doing PSA. Haven’t touched it for a bit, but I love that I can go to it anytime. Hope you’re enjoying it too. Yes, quick grab it – I think it’s fun and can see uses for it in what I am doing.
      The image is unexpected for Oh well, it kept ‘looking’ at me 😉

      It’s a pleasure to send people your way Stacy 😀
      Sending you the same – healing thoughts and hugs xx


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