Spring is finally ‘springing’.. and it’s wonderful to be outside.

.. and the Pin Oaks are trying on their new clothes for this year..

..and their little residents are very busy spinning.

I love the colour at this time of year – with everything so fresh and new.

Promise for a new season.

Today is Monochrome Madness with Leanne – pop on over to see a gallery of wonderful monochrome images.

24 thoughts on “Spring..

      1. I must do some spider shots at some point! Our garden spiders are at their busiest right now with some really impressive webs 🙂 They always look best with a bit of dew coating them I think. It’s fun seeing all the seasonal changes around the world at the moment 🙂

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  1. It is always a bit strange to realize some parts of the earth are waking up while some of it is going into hibernation for a few months. Enjoy spring.


  2. We’re deep into autumn over here now and heading toward winter…..I’ll look forward to all the colours of your spring/summer there while we’re knee-deep in snow! 🙂


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