Flowers on Friday..

More beautiful lavender to share this week…

~ Fairy wings ~
~ Fairy wings ~

I love the patterns and shapes.. and the beautiful softness of this lavender – ‘Lavender Sensation’.  Really makes me think  of teeny fairies.

Just a note of thanks:  I’d really like to say thanks again for all the well wishes for my back and getting better.  I appreciate your kind words and thoughts more than I can say.  I’m having a much better week this week and have been resting as I should.

See you on Monday and have a great weekend! 😀

30 thoughts on “Flowers on Friday..

  1. Backs can be such fragile things, take care Robyn. I am really enjoying your Flowers on Friday posts, you do the flowers justice.


    1. That is so true Lee – doing the right things or not doing is so important.
      Thank you so much!! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying my flowers 😀 Makes me smile x


    1. So nice to hear from you Leanne – it is gardening season. I still can’t plant our yet.. well hopefully soon.. it’s still been quite cold in the mornings. No frosts now though 😉
      Glad the flowers keep reminding you 😀 Enjoy your garden!


    1. Thank you Jane 😃😃
      I love lavender too and have always grown it. I moved to a cooler climate a few years back and it’s harder to grow here. Now I keep it in pots. It loves sunshine and warmth.
      Sorry you have troubles growing it. Perhaps a different type??

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