Giving thanks..

Today is a good day to be thankful… for many things..

~ to Asgard ~
~ to Asgard ~

I’m thankful for:

Beautiful clouds and glorious skies

Friends and Family

Colour and Light (for without the light, I wouldn’t see the colour)

The internet – so I can be in touch with you (even though it’s very dodgy)

You 😀

Having the privilege of learning (whenever I want)

Being able to create

My health

Nature and it’s miracles

My funny pets..

..and so much more!!

Thanks to you for your support and blogging friendships… it means a lot.. and although we may never meet ( or we may 😀 ) your encouragement is always appreciated and has touched my life in a wonderfully positive way.

Wishing those of you who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving 😀

26 thoughts on “Giving thanks..

    1. Thank you Jane 🙂
      We don’t celebrate TG here either, but I had to share this gorgeous sky with those who do.. and Im feeling thankful 🙂 perhaps I am celebrating.
      I love the tradition. Happy Thanksgiving to you too x

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    1. It was a sunset Lee and it was sooo BIG – and difficult to capture the vastness within the lens.
      It did remind me of those stories 😀 Thank you.


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