Collaboration with Emilio #4 – Macquarie Lighthouse

The last time I posted about a collaboration with Emilio, I was taking a blogging break.. and this time around has been the same.  There was a #3 collaboration which I didn’t post about (don’t remember why), but I’ll share a link further down, so you can view it on Emilio’s blog – as well as this, our fourth effort 🙂

This next round has been coming for a while really, but I must admit my heart wasn’t in it while my back was troubling me.  I seem to be enjoying a reprieve right now, for which I’m very grateful.

This time we are working on my own image – one that was taken on a drive after Christmas last year.

This is Macquarie Lighthouse – it was the first.. and is the longest serving, lighthouse site in Australia. It is located on Dunbar Head, Vaucluse, about (2 kilometres south of South Head) near the entrance to Sydney Harbour. (Source Mr. Wikipedia)

This 1883 structure is a replica of the original, built in 1818.

My image

I wanted to give my image a historic feel that tells a story without words – to convey the type of day and hopefully the era.

You can read more about the 2 Lighthouses (the original and the replica) and see them standing side by side by visiting Macquarie Lighthouse on Wikipedia and also the Lighthouses of NSW site.

I find this a fascinating subject and think it’s wonderful that it’s still a working lighthouse today.

The area itself is right on the ocean, although quite high from the water.  The place feels steeped in history and it was a real pleasure to be there and simply pass some time… and to see other people enjoying some time too.

The image was taken right on the cliffs near the ocean with a southerly breeze and it was a very cloudy (not photo friendly) kind of afternoon. The sky was really amazing in all of it’s layered grey-ness.

December in Sydney is normally pretty hot, but this day was as I described.  There were people walking on the paths. The surrounds of the lighthouse are a sort of reserve / park.

Here are some more images from the afternoon..

While I was sitting on the path (as you do) – this dear little fellow ‘George’, decided to visit me on the way past. George tootled off the path and came and sat directly in front of me. Hover on the images to see what George had to say 😉

Dear little George – he left an indelible mark on my heart and a very fond memory 🙂

Bye bye George 🙂

Further down this path, you’ll see this wonderful view…


Well that’s all from me on Macquarie Lighthouse… and my part of our collaboration this time around.

I do enjoy these collaborations with Emilio and I also enjoy the way he processes his images.. and mine 🙂  I know he tried a few different options with this one and I haven’t read his post or seen the image yet, so am looking forward to it!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see how he has interpreted my image with the information I gave him about the place and the day.

To see our previous effort, working with Emilio’s image – This is my interpretation below and you can also visit Emilio’s previous post here.


Thanks again for the fun and challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts too 😀

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      1. A pleasure Robyn! I’m a sucker for talking to dogs when I’m out 😉 If I see a King Charles Cavalier, I truly cannot resist! We grew up with three and I just adore them 🙂 One of my local friends has a gorgeous French Bulldog puppy and we meet up in the village most weeks. Last week Nicky brought him here so he could have a run about in our communal gardens. I tried to get our cats to make friends but they were having none of it!! Nicky has a kitten too and it’s lovely watching a dog and cat growing up together and forming a bond 🙂 I love chatting to dogs and owners when I’m out photographing by the canal. They’re always friendly and often can tell me if they’ve spotted any particular wildlife in the area that day 🙂

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      2. The talky dogs are brilliant aren’t they? Ours communicate so well, although mostly with us until they warm up to visitors 😉
        Yes I know what you mean about the bond of animals… it’s wonderful to see.
        ..and yes the dogs do tell you with their body language of anything around. It’s great and they really can be man’s/woman’s best friend 😀

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      3. The wonderful thing about dogs is that they’re always so excited to see you and be spoken to 😀 We have a very similar relationship with our cats but excitement tends to be restricted to food and toys. They like to talk (a lot!) once they know you well! Actually, Luna shouts at us quite a lot. She’s the princess of the family 😉 I miss the companionship of walking with a dog! Our first dog was really good off the lead and walking through the woods together is a precious memory I have.


  1. Obviously I have to get used to the time difference if we are to continue these collaborations. I was thinking the post would go live tomorrow morning so I haven’t been on all day. I love what you did here and it makes perfect sense that you would try to capture that sense of history or of the past. I hope I haven’t destroyed that image of yours too much. And I hope we can do more during the nrw year. Stay healthy!


    1. Thanks Emilio, I’m really glad you like my approach here.. and yes history was calling this time around.
      I do like what you did… and your story. I thought your approach was very clever! I wouldn’t have thought of doing that, but when you don’t know the story – I think you have the freedom to think outside the box.
      I’m looking forward to more collaborations in the NYear too 🙂 ..and I do hope to stay healthy.. thank you. You too 😀
      My internet is giving me lots of troubles presently… or lack of, so I’m a bit quieter presently trying to sort out options…
      Thanks for your comment and for the exercise. Love it!


    1. Why thank you Murray – I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting.
      I took a brief glance of your post link while away over the break. I’m looking forward to a ‘proper’ look.
      It’s a wonderful place and I didn’t get too close to it on the day, due to us having pets with us too, so I enjoyed your closeups.
      Again, my thanks for commenting 🙂

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