One Four Challenge – December Review

Welcome to the December Review month of the One Four Challenge!

This will be the final month of the One Four Challenge for now, so I’d love to celebrate the previous 14 months and all that we have done and learned along the way.  Thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful journey – an idea that became a challenge… and a fun one with huge learning curves! I do hope you’ll join me for this final review month too.

My very HUGE thanks to Nic who supported the Challenge and Myself by hosting last month.. You are the very best Nic and a great host. Thank you very much! xx

As we know the review month is all about looking back and what we’ve achieved in the One Four Challenge… This time I’d like to include our post production – things we learned, software we became aware of and can’t do without now 😉 Anything that you’d like to include.. 😀

The Review Month is open to ALL participants of the One Four Challenge – please tag and link up as usual.

I’ll pop in whenever I can.  (Things – frequencies and towers – have changed around my area with internet and I now have limited (or no) access on some days.)

I’m so looking forward to reading about your One Four journey. I’m so thankful that I’ve got to know you more 😀

Lets do this!!

Robyn xx

23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – December Review

  1. Thank you Robyn for your hard work and the encouragement you give us. It has been a great challenge for learning and i teracting with good people. I will post my review next week.


    1. Ah thank you Chris and it’s honestly my pleasure 😀
      It has been a wonderfully inspiring journey – one that has blessed me/us with lovely blogging friends along the way xx

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  2. Robyn, it was my pleasure hosting last month, thanks for picking me! 😀 This challenge has given me the push and the deadlines to learn quite a bit this year, I’m so glad I found you and your wonderful challenge! 😀


    1. I’m so glad you found us too Nic.. and again, thanks xxx
      It has been a wonderful year of learning, stretching, experimenting, meeting and conversing with some great people.

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