Using the old Editor..

I’m back on WordPress this week after my break and I’ve noticed a few folks commenting about the new editor.

I couldn’t come to grips with the old ‘new’ editor myself, πŸ˜‰ so I’ve been using the old one all along.Β  For me the old ‘new’ one was unworkable and for now I still have an option, so I thought I’d share it with you. I hope it might work for you too.

A very sunny day in historic Milthorpe… more on this in another post.

As far as I know, there are 2 possible ways of getting to the old editor, depending on your site. You are aiming to get to the WP Admin menu.

I will say that I don’t know if this works for custom urls (your address) or for, but you might still be able to use your address maybe?

  • Step 1 – Hover on My Sites (top left) and it may bring up a menu. If it does, you’re looking to click on WP Admin.Β  If it’s not there or you can’t do this go to step 2. If it is there… Click on Posts Add New….
  • Step 2 – Go to your URL address bar – where you type in your blog address eg: http etc Once you are there, type in after your blog addressΒ  /wp-admin (eg:http etc …and click.Β  This should bring up the old WP menu with Home, Store, Posts, Settings etc. Click onΒ  Posts, Add New. You should now be in the Old Post Editor.

Good luck trying this out.Β  I do hope it works for you. It’s certainly worth a try if you prefer the old editor.


52 thoughts on “Using the old Editor..

  1. How annoying is that “boo beep bo” (or whatever the wording is) message with the bubbles, which you see while the new editor loads? Urgh! As it happens, I have always accessed my account via the /wp-admin route, so I only encounter the “improved” editor if I inadvertently click Edit on a post I’m previewing. Such a pity that all software makers (Microsoft, Adobe, WordPress, etc) don’t allow the user to select the interface they prefer. 😦


  2. Hi Robyn, I too have been using the old, old editor but getting there a slightly different way but still through the WP admin route. Why they change something that was working really well I’ll never know. Thank goodness we still have a way around all this new nonsense πŸ™‚

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  3. I have never made the switch to the new editor…mostly because any time I tried it, I never got what I wanted…it is clunky and not user friendly…for me. It may be scripted for use with mobile devices, but I do not do my blogging from my phone.

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  4. thanks for the /admin tip on the end of the URL – I use the old editor until I’m ready to post as have noticed that old admin does not update time and date accurately for my posts. Particularly do not like not being able to customise the image size in the newest beep-boop

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  5. I hope they never get rid of the old editor. I’m sure people like the new one or they wouldn’t keep it around but I can’t seem to find a way to copy another post with it. The statement “new is better” definitely does not apply in this case. Thanks for letting me know how to still get to the old editor and hopefully it is still there when I start to post again.

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  6. It’s been working that way for me since day 1. I hate the “new” editor. I also hated windows 8 when there was nothing wrong with 7. And now we have 10. So maybe one day wordpress will see the error of their ways!


  7. I too still use the old editor – mainly because I use the ‘copy a post’ function a lot and that doesn’t exist on the new editor! I would never blog from a mobile device. Everything always goes wrong when I try to do anything on my tablet. :S I really hope they never get rid of the old editor..


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