Historic Millthorpe

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a lovely day out with friends. We visited the small country town of historic Millthorpe in NSW AU..  It’s only the second time I’ve been there.

Millthorpe appears to be quiet, but is also a thriving town – it draws people with it’s wonderful sights, historic buildings, friendly people and markets, great coffee and lots more.. I think it has a Colonial feel about it. A mix of old and new.


It was great to wander around with the camera taking casual shots along the way.

Back in August, I bought myself a small mirrorless Panasonic. I’m still learning this camera and it’s a great size to carry – so I took it with me on the day.

It was a very hot November day and very glary.

We stopped at the Old Mill cafe for coffee… they have amazing food (sooo not good for the waistline, but very delicious) and the staff and atmosphere are friendly and welcoming.  The cafe is hidden behind these trees.

Call home?

..and these are only some of their delicious home made goodies..

We walked around for a few hours enjoying the ‘old’ buildings, lovely shops, some art and the local sights. A simple fun day.

This was a big day out for me with my back, but I did it! (Strange the things that we see as accomplishments when we are reduced to basics). Something I hadn’t been able to do for quite a while now. Feels so good to be out and about again 🙂

The rose image really shows the kind of day it was. Very sunny, very glary, a nice breeze. Just a great day! Simple things..

Well that’s it from me for this post.  If you’d like to read more about Millthorpe – follow the link below.

Millthorpe is a town located between Orange and Blayney in New South Wales, Australia in the Blayney Shire. At the 2011 census, Millthorpe had a population of 1,109 people.  The town was once a major potato growing area and continues to have extensive agricultural activities. The town was originally called Spring Grove.

Millthorpe is a picturesque, compact and historic village set amidst gently rolling hills. Classified by the National Trust, it has a number of fine historic buildings, as well as cobbled, bluestone-bordered streets, art galleries, gift and antiques shops, a museum, two hotels, restaurants and cafes, a bowling club and motel.   You can read more here on Wikipedia

26 thoughts on “Historic Millthorpe

  1. What a nice day you had! Glad you could get out and celebrated your health! I totally know how that goes with celebrating these little accomplishments. I’m wanting a mirror less for travel. It’ll have to eat till next year but you must’ve enjoyed traveling light! Thank you for the stroll in that cute little town. 🙂


    1. It was a nice day Laura 🙂 I’m so thankful I could be out and about too. I know you understand and empathise.
      The mirrorless is great for travelling light. I bought mine as an ex demo. I’m glad I did. I learn every time I pick it up and I’m always amazed at what they pack into a smaller camera. I guess size has no bearing really..
      Glad you enjoyed my wanderings xx

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  2. Hope your back continues to improve, but good that you are getting out and about, particularly to Millthorpe with friends. Sounds like a lovely day and the images show a glimpse of a neat little town.


    1. It is good to be ‘not so stuck’ presently. I so appreciate it. Millthorpe is a lovely place if you’re into quiet little towns 😀
      Oh yes, the diary – I felt the need to record. Glad you like what I’m doing. Thank you as always Lis xx


  3. What wonderful shots Robyn. Funny we just saw a lovely old bicycle or “Dinky” as we called it today as well. I looked under the seat as when I had one when I was about 3 a penny got stuck up under it so now whenever I see one I have to look just in case. We have had lunch at the Old Mill Cafe but there was no telephone box there then. Thanks for taking me back …. 🙂

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