February – Behind the scenes…

This is my second month returning to take a look at the month that has just passed with ‘Behind the Scenes’..and once again, I’m joining Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons as well..

The Changing Seasons – February 2016

Ok Max – here goes February! ..and by the way, the vodka bottle image was mine (see below) 😉

This month has been another ‘mostly staying close to home base’ kind of month, so here is my offering of the same crepe myrtle tree for The Changing Seasons..

LR Preset Creamtone RobynGosby 2016

I’m also going to include a link to the Daily Post as the seasons are thankfully and literally changing. An extremely welcome reprieve.

Early Morning RobynGosby 2016

February – Behind the Scenes

Here’s what I’ve been finding behind the scenes..

Outdoors and the back yard.. ‘the ordinary’

Studies.. a closer look..

Lore and Debi – thank you for your comments on my seed pod. It’s a Jacaranda tree, seed pod Lore… I saw a crocodile 😉

Playing games..

These doggies would play for many hours in the day.. This was this morning’s fun and I know we’ll be out again!


Another iteration for the One Four.. I’ve had fun with this ‘still’ image this month… more to come tomorrow 🙂

More One Four Feb fun RobynGosby 2016

I’m doing a 100x challenge on Flickr too. My choice was to share Monochrome images for the year, following the set themes..  These are my choices for this month..

Post editing article… for Dynamic Range magazine.. You can read more about the magazine at Leanne’s site.

A small contribution from me this month sharing my post editing process for this realistic version of my tea rose image…

Valentine bokeh fun!

Valentines Bokeh3 RobynGosby 2016

..and lastly I’m going to share another quotation from my desk calendar..
spoken in ‘old words’.. but beautiful words, all the same… it’s good to take notice of the ordinary!

“The incredible gift of the ordinary! Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life.” Macrina Wiederkehr

..and WOW! Such a lot to say for this month… If you got this far, then my many thanks for reading and being interested. Tomorrow is the last day of February (AU).. let’s make March a good one!!

36 thoughts on “February – Behind the scenes…

    1. Thanks so much. I’m very glad you have favourites!! 😃
      Will be interesting to see what March brings. It’s Autumn time here. So looking forward to it after the hot summer.

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      1. I can’t wait for March. February has been the coldest so far and it feels like spring is on hold. I’m glad you will get some relief after scorching summer.


  1. Lots of wonderful images Robyn and yes: I totally saw a crocodile too!!!
    Once again thanks for inspiring me to take some photos of my vodka bottle. In my weird mind, your new title from now on is “Robyn – the mysterious vodka bloggger!”

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    1. It has definitely been a hot one for us this year Raewyn – wishing both of us a reprieve very soon.
      I suppose it might look busy, but in fact it’s been more on the quiet side…lol Just been finding things within my circumstances 😃 An interesting challenge in itself.
      Thanks for commenting Raewyn 😃


    1. Thanks heaps Lee – I do enjoy putting these posts together of behind the scenes. The everyday stuff..and sometimes otherwise.
      I think of you with the dog’s photos. They are such fun and I know you enjoy your girl’s company too 😃
      Have a great week ahead!

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    1. Lol… truly, I can assure you I have slowed down…lots.. These are all within my space!! I’ve been fairly bored with the heat and being close to home most of the time. Can’t wait to get out…anywhere 😜
      I surprised myself by what I found within my own backyard 😃😃 I’m glad it looks interesting and that you like those particular ones. Thank you 😃


    1. Thank you Suzanne and for your comment 😃
      Staying close to home is more necessity presently, but I do love being home and finding all the hidden secrets around about. It can certainly have its peaceful moments, but with 4 dogs there’s plenty of chaos too..lol 😜😜

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      1. I’m feeling the same need to stay close to home. It can be frustrating but it does have its pleasures.


  2. Robyn .. I see a crocodile too, and I see lots of wonderful images, light, colour .. This is a very special collection. So pleased you are writing for Dynamic Range how exciting.


  3. I see a crocodile too! 😀 Love the valentine bokeh! And of course the doggies playing… must have doggies! 😀 I really like the texture in the background of the before/after post-processing tea rose, beautiful edit. The crepe myrtle images are beautiful as well. What a great month you had. 😀


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Nic – it’s is good to hear from you.
      So good you took some time out. I’ve had a fairly offline month this month too, although not really self imposed.
      Feb was a good month – this one is much quieter, which is fine. So glad you enjoyed my images.
      I owe you a visit somewhere soon 😀

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      1. I’ve been pretty quiet on the internet lately… lots to do in the ‘real’ world and it’s nice to go analog for awhile too. 🙂


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