Colours of Autumn

Starting today, I thought I’d post the start of a new series called ‘The Colours of Autumn’.

Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons and the beautiful warm colours of Autumn – are my favourites!


Yesterday I found some beautiful leaves – the first of the season to fall.  Their colours are wonderful – so warm and lively, even though they’ve fallen from the tree.

I love colour!

I’d like to say thanks to two ladies who inspired my thoughts in this direction Rita, whose template I have adapted and Jessica who started this idea in the first place. Pretty sure that’s right.

29 thoughts on “Colours of Autumn

    1. Hi Chris – this is done manually by me, picking colours from the image.
      I used a template from Rita (see Storyboards) which I modified to suit my own use in PS. Check out the links below. Rita also has actions that do a similar thing 🙂 Have fun!!

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