The Changing Seasons – March 16

This month for the Changing Seasons with Max, I’m going to focus on the tree that has unintentionally become my story for each month of this year.

The seasons are changing and we are now experiencing some cooler days (think I said that last post too) – it is such a welcome reprieve after what should basically be described as a horrible summer.

So here is the tree.  The blooms have mostly gone now, leaving the fantastic alien like pods, stick like branches and shriveled remains of some of the flowers.

The neglect shows, after the heat of the summer and tree is now closing down to hibernate for the winter season.

Still beautiful I think, but in a different way. Inspiring too (for me) with it’s shapes, patterns and form. These photos were taken in the early morning light today.

24 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – March 16

    1. Gosh I so appreciate this comment Lore – thank you.
      I do try to find the beauty in the things I photograph, so I’m very happy if you see gentleness. I like that 🙂
      Yes it’s so interesting isn’t it (and we’re lucky too) being able to see the seasons on the other side of the world and from our friends point of view too!

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  1. Beautiful. I love the progression we get to see in these images. That was my big complaint about joining in on Max’s challenge. From season to season there’s not much change around here. I miss that.


    1. Thanks Larissa – yes you’re correct 🙂 It took years to grow this tree and one day a workman (working on site) decided it was in his way. He took a third of it off with a chainsaw! It was rescued by me very quickly! 😀
      I’m glad you like the pods too.

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