Collaboration with Emilio #5

It’s time for another image editing collaboration with Emilio ( and as I’m away presently, this post is scheduled to coincide with Emilio’s post.. I hope ) ๐Ÿ™‚

This image is my end result and this time we are working with Emilio’s image and this is the back story he gave me.ย  I find it helps to have some idea of the circumstances when working with another photographer’s image. It’s also fun and a privilege.. and challenging!

“I was driving home at about 6 pm and it looked like rain was really coming down over the mountains. You could see very low, misty clouds hugging the mountain tops. So I headed off in that direction towards a place called Red Rock Canyon to the west. By the time I got there, the clouds had gone. So had the rain. But it was windy and cold.”

Knowing what it had been like, due to Emilio’s description and also knowing what appealed to him about the image, I decided to try to emulate the circumstances without actually knowing what it looked like – but only what I imagined it to be.


I wanted to subtly bring back the mist that was hanging around after the rain and keep the mood subdued, hopefully suggesting the cold and time of day.

At that time of day, the colours become more de-saturated and it becomes more about shapes and shadows. In my/this interpretation, it’s not quite that dark yet, but the light is almost gone and it’s the end of the day.

Emilio – do hope you like my interpretation of your image.ย  I always enjoy what you choose – you make me think and I really like that!

I do enjoy these collaborations and I like the way Emilio processes his images.. and mine ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Once again, I haven’t read his post or seen his image yet, so am looking forward to both!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see the real story and his image! I know it will be great! Plus there are some wonderfully inspiring photos taken by him. In fact there are many!

Thanks heaps again, for the fun and the challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you too have enjoyed another of our collaborations ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Collaboration with Emilio #5

  1. As I told you in my email, I love what you did. The color, the mist, are both mesmerising to me as I love your processing. I just wish the night looked as nice as you made it look. All I remember was how cold it was. Of course, I was only in shirtsleeves and my blood is used to desert heat, not rain. But what you said about your processing makes me realize that is exactly what I was struggling with. “At that time of day, the colours become more de-saturated and it becomes more about shapes and shadows. … itโ€™s not quite that dark yet, but the light is almost gone and itโ€™s the end of the day.” Robyn, I love these challenges we’ve now done together and am looking forward to the next time, and your photo! Thanks again!

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    1. Good morning from me ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Popping in from my Easter break. I love the cooler night feel in yours and your result. Looking forward to viewing on a better screen.
      Yes the railing was first to go in my edition.
      Thanks as always for your enthusiasm in my work and for sharing your images. I look forward to continuing with our collaborations. Yep, my turn next time.
      I’ll pop in again later on to reply in full – this is just hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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