Lightroom Presets to share..

These past few months, I’ve been experimenting with creating my own Lightroom Presets and Ive been saying for a while that I was going to share them.

Today is the day 🙂

This is my first try at sharing my own presets, so I’m making them available to you for free. They’ve been created in LR6 and as I’m working in LR6 and not CC or previous versions, I’m hoping they will work for you too (I’m unsure, so it will be good to know – there is more to learn and I love that!).

I’d love you to try them and I really hope you will enjoy using them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

There are 10 presets in this download… hover for the descriptions:

The presets will change in appearance, with your different images. Some will suit and some may not. Don’t forget to add your own tweaks too if you want or need to.  See what suits you.

The Presets can be downloaded here and Instructions for uploading to Lightroom are included. (Please remember – they have been created in LR6 and I’m hoping they will suit version 4 or 5 onwards, but I won’t know until you try).

Lightroom 5 works- thanks Kiki!

Terms:  These presets are created by me and made to share with you. They are not to be repackaged, sold or passed on. They can be used for Personal and limited Commercial use. Fair use would be appreciated.

I do hope you have fun with them 😀

PS: I should mention that I’d love to see some of your images if you want to share. Please link to this blog post if you do 😃👍

Another reminder: The One Four Challenge resumes again for May tomorrow. All are welcome!

39 thoughts on “Lightroom Presets to share..

  1. This is very generous of you Robyn, I have LR 6 so won’t be able to help as to if they work in other LR’s or not. Thank you again they look really interesting, I’ll see what I come up with using them.

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  2. thank you Robyn, that is so kind! I did download them. I was totally impressed with your photos!! How Stunning! loved those leaves 🙂
    Now, how to install and use LR6 is the other challenge. lol too many pots on the fire.

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    1. It’s a pleasure Carrie.. and thank you 😃
      I’ve seen a peek of your One Four post this morn and I’m delighted you found one of the presets suitable. Will pop by soon x

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  3. Even though I no longer use, but still own, PS or LR (or Windows), I did download the NIK collection a little while back, because I’m curious and learning is always a good thing. I have also downloaded your presets for those days when I’m feeling curious and boot over to windows to play with LR and NIK to see what I can recreate in GIMP. Thank you for your generosity and beautiful images… you have me wanting to explore, which is always a good thing. 😀


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