Last days of Autumn..

This month I seem to be enjoying a look through Rose coloured glasses  🙂

Today I’m posting some more images taken at the end of April – I’ve hardly had the camera out at all through May, so far.. but I’ve been enjoying spending a bit of time experimenting with editing this month.

These photos show varying stages of our Autumn – all taken within days of each other (about 3 weeks ago – so things are looking very different now and of course they really aren’t pink, but then they aren’t B&W either) 😉

Only 2 more weeks of ‘proper’ Autumn to go (as I write) and today is showing signs of winter. I sit here typing, with beanie and puffy jacket, but then yesterday was almost summer again… crazy weather!

Well that’s it – another Autumnal look.  I do hope I get another chance to ‘chase Autumn’ this year again, before all of the leaves are gone.

13 thoughts on “Last days of Autumn..

  1. A lovely look at Autumn Robyn. We are having crazy hot weather up here too, today it is 30C again! More like summer than nearly Winter. Hope you’ve had some of the rain down south we haven’t had any all month and things are dangerously dry with long dead grass and very low dams.


  2. Hello!! A beautiful autumnal gallery of images 😀 It’s been so mild here – we haven’t even had a hard frost yet and all the plants are very confused!


    1. Thank you Jules – ours has been unseasonably warm too – just getting some frosty patches now. It has been so nice. Glad you’ve been enjoying your Autumn too 😃🍂🍃

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