The Changing Seasons – May 16

I missed April’s Changing Seasons with Max, but I’m ready for May! 🙂 My focus for this challenge this year, is the Crepe Myrtle tree in my front yard, that has unintentionally become my story for each month of this year.

This month I really had to think about how I might photograph and present the tree, as it’s looking very un-lovely – well maybe that’s a bit harsh – I believe there is beauty to be found everywhere if you just ‘see’.  Anyway it’s looking very rough around the edges.. and more 🙂

Yesterday, (the 18th) I did see!

I’ve been noticing the colours, shapes and patterns of the fallen leaves as I walk past and of the few that are still on the tree.. and the wonderful little seed pods that make me think of Narnia Lamp posts and Bluebells, with their gorgeous shapes… and then at times, with the same pods, I see aliens, claws and jaws 😀

So here are my offerings for May.  I decided to do a photographic study and it was very enlightening… and fun!  A different way of viewing the tree. I even had a little spider visitor, but he didn’t want his photo taken!

Crepe Myrtle Study RobynGosby 2016 images for a closer view..

After gathering up my little collection, I was really amazed at the variety on this one tree. I placed my finds on a clean piece of paper to take a closer look. The textures are quite beautiful, varied and very interesting. The variety of colour, is fantastic! Autumn colours are my favourites.

The pods dropped a few seeds onto the paper.. awesome! .. and the little bits of dirt and spots on the paper are a part of this collection too, as they fell from what you see above. The breeze was blowing gently too – enough to move stuff around, so I just went with it.

Here’s what I found this month.

Blowin' in the wind..
Blowin’ in the wind.. taken at the beginning of the month..


Pods and seeds.. ..and Ood! (Doctor Who reference).

More pods and leaves..

There are even little eggs on some of the leaves – starting a cycle again..

..and that’s it. My finds for May 🙂

Be sure to check out Max’s blog too at Cardinal Guzman and to see the many other entries to this challenge as well.

31 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – May 16

  1. hi Robyn, I love the botanical feel to these with the lovely shadow designs softly making their presence known. The pod, is so stunning. All of your photos are delightful to my eye. 🙂

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    1. Debi thanks so much 😃
      You and I saw similar things. The botanical feel and the soft shadows. Glad you like the pod – it’s divine..and tiny!
      I could have a lovely long chat about such things 😜


    1. Awesome thanks! I was hoping you’d like it 😃
      I had to think about it, because taking photos of ‘the tree’ right now would be..and is so uninteresting.
      This was such fun and very interesting.
      Thank you Max!


  2. Love the pods. By the comments, they seem to be your favorites, too. They seem so alien in one sense and so natural in another. The design of them is just so interesting. Your work makes me want to get closer into my subjects and maybe one day I will. But it seems it might be difficult to get macro shots without a macro lens. And maybe these aren’t even considered macro, I don,t know. I have no experience getting in that tight, but I’m enjoying these shots.

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    1. I so agree with your thoughts Emilio – about the pods being alien like and also so natural. They’re kinda fascinating 🙂
      I like that my work makes you want to get closer – they are macro, yes and if you were ever interested a good starting point (and a very inexpensive one) is an extension tube for one of your Prime lenses.
      I’m so happy you enjoy them – thanks!!

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    1. Thank you Jude – lovely to receive your comment 😃
      By all means, use the idea – would love to see it if/when you do 🍁🍂🍃😃

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