What am I?

Yesterday I took myself outside to sit in the sun for a while, to soak up some warmth and sunshine… Just a very ordinary day in the scheme of things, but I do appreciate being able to take some time out.

I decided to take the camera and wander around, as there have been no photography adventures for me these past few weeks (with the flu) – but I wondered what I could find, if anything, in my own space.. I did! Well.. I think I did 😀 Ok, so it’s not the Taj Mahal, but I still think it’s interesting 😉

What am I RobynGosby 2016

I found this curious little pile of leaves and I couldn’t decide what it was.. a moth? mud? a pile of leaves? I had to have closer look.

Click for a closer view..

I’m imagining that it was probably the shelter for some type of spider.. I don’t know this for sure, but if you see the 2nd photo above there is some webbing on the leaf.. so I think perhaps a spider.

..and that’s it! My 5 mins of backyard adventuring..lol

Textured Gums RobynGosby 2016

Maybe you know what this is – I’d be interested to hear. I suspect this poor tree might be housing a few tiny creatures.

25 thoughts on “What am I?

    1. Yes – sneaking out and grabbing it while it’s there 😃 🔆
      You guys getting lots of cloudy weather? Rain or no? We desperately need it too.
      Will be interesting to see what becomes of this little formation – or perhaps it’s very temporary. Interesting 😃

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    1. Yes it really is! I am on the mend now and yes feeling better than even yesterday.
      Plus the fire is finally going. Hooray!
      It is interesting.. and that’s what I thought was fascinating.. So much effort and it appears designed. I wonder. Gotta love nature’s curiosities 😃
      So good hearing from you Lis and seeing your lovely photos again. I have some catching up to do.

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    1. Thanks Sarah – improving day by day now thankfully.
      What you’ve described is exactly how it looks to me. It was very very windy yesterday and the little housing hadn’t moved at all, so maybe something will hatch in time. It’s not the typical sort of chrysalis, so interesting to ponder and hopefully, watch 😃

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      1. Definitely keep an eye on it! My thoughts are that it’s not actually at chrysalis stage in there but just uses it as a shelter from predators while it’s still a more vulnerable larvae. Could be completely wrong but it does remind me of what caterpillars and some underwater larvae do! Flu is a dreadful thing to have. It totally wipes your energy for ages! I get given a flu vaccine every autumn to try to protect me as my Crohn’s meds knock out my immune system. I hate it when people with colds say they have flu as they just don’t realise what a severe illness actual flu is! A bit of fresh air will be good for you now but keep taking it easy until you’re fully recovered.

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