The bare bones of winter..

We are right in the midst of winter presently and it’s been a c-c-cold one! We’ve also had more than our share of rain this winter, which is completely awesome.. as it is much needed… The lichen is loving it!

This morning was a rare treat – brilliant and sunny, with cobalt blue skies and an invitation to wander outside with the camera (this afternoon is not). I thought I’d investigate to see what I could find in nature.

Being the middle of winter, the trees and plants are really hibernating, but there is still life in abundance, if you look closely – which is what I love doing.

Today though, I thought I’d share some ‘bare bones’ shots, declaring that the winter is here!

I’m still enjoying my break and have been creating and learning – mainly with paint – so much to learn 😀 .. and keeping busy with work too.

I’ve been out and about a little with the camera.. and today was a great morning to ‘simply wander’.

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “The bare bones of winter..

    1. Thank you dear Julie – it’s nice to be missed 😃
      The lichen has gone crazy this rainy season. It is fascinating!
      I’m doing fine and I hope you are too xx


    1. Hello Raewyn 😃 Oh yes, I agree – there is beauty in each season.
      Stay warm through your winter and enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets!
      Thank you 😃


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