Seeing Differently Challenge – 3 of 15

Here is my 3rd image for the challenge..

I was walking up the stairs inside.. and briefly glanced at the blind with the sunlight on it and thought, ‘Oh yeah, that’s neat’.

Then I realised I needed to stop and take notice – to really see what was before me – something that again became an abstract and more about pattern (to me) than anything else.

Hover on the pics for details. 

Not at all a great photo – as such, but such an interesting observation. It’s good to ‘see’.

I wonder how you’re going with seeing differently? Love the images that have been posted so far 🙂 Hope you’re having fun and being challenged. I know I am and I wonder what will present itself next?

If exploring this idea appeals to you, please jump in. You are welcome 🙂

Please remember to tag with #seedifferently2016 so we can find your post.

To read about this challenge for October – see details here

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