Seeing Differently Challenge – 15 of 15

Today I’m sharing my last image and the 15th part of the seeing differently challenge…

seeing air..
seeing air..

This image has me in a kind of quandary..well only a little – I took the image because I was wanting to capture some of the beautiful apple blossoms that will be gone soon.  I did do that..but… for me, instead of the pretty blossom keeping my attention – it’s all about the bubbly air.  It was a very bright day and I was shooting up into the branches. I do love the bubbly air / bokeh  🙂 Wonder what you see.

Something to try if you find lots of light or highlights in your viewfinder – set your aperture to wide (one of the lower number f-stops on your camera) and experiment. Try a few different settings.. you never know what you’ll find!

Finding 15 (different) images throughout October has ben awesome!  I can honestly say that at no time during this month, did I feel in my comfort zone.  I tried to see differently, although I don’t feel I achieved that with every image… but.. it’s been a great experiment and a rewarding one.  Once again, I’m amazed and delighted at what we’ve all found / seen, within our own spaces.

The challenge wraps up on the 31st October..

On the 31st I’m going to share a gallery of my 15 images for the month (all together) and I’m going to pick my favourites from the ones I’ve taken this month.

I’d love to see a gallery of your work too, if you’d care to share – posting on the 31st – and tell us all which of your images are your favourites too.  I think this will be a fun way to wrap up our challenge. I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing differently!

I’m still making my way around the blogs presently.  Thank you for joining me this month!

To view all the other images for the challenge, enter our tag #seedifferently2016 into the WP Reader.. and enjoy!

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To read about this challenge for October – see details here

21 thoughts on “Seeing Differently Challenge – 15 of 15

    1. Good morning from me dear Cybele 😃 ..and thank you.
      My favourite seasons of all! 🌸🍁🍃🍂 Enjoy your Autumn – Spring has come very late this year and it’s wonderful!


  1. I like that. the high-key effect somehow speaks clearly of Spring – I time when the world lights up and comes alive. Backdrops like this can be very distracting, but in this case I don’t find that so. Those petals, and their colour, are strong enough to hod our attention.
    I haven’t forgotten about this challenge – I’m going to put together a gallery of 15 from the month – but might not make it until Nov 1.

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    1. Its very springy – this image.. and looking through my gallery, I was surprised how Spring seemed to shine through.
      I’m glad you think it’s not too busy – I came to the same conclusion, but only just.
      Will look forward to your gallery whenever you can post Andy 🙂 It’s been great hearing your thoughts this month. Thanks for participating!


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