Seeing Differently Challenge – Wrap up and gallery

Today we are wrapping up the Seeing Differently challenge!  This has been a fun journey throughout October trying to see things in a different way or perhaps finding different things within our own circumstances..

As I said in my previous post, this has been a great experiment, a good reminder and very rewarding.  I hope we all keep seeing differently. You never know what you’ll ‘see’.

Today I want to share a gallery of my images from the month and I’m going to choose one favourite..

My favourite has to be the little bird – ‘In the Spotlight’ – this moment was very special and I’m sure it will end up on my wall.  I want to keep seeing it – I’ll remember it for some time.

I wonder if you have a favourite from my gallery or yours?

I’d love to see a gallery of your work if you’d care to share and tell us which image is your favourite.  I think this will be a fun way to wrap up our challenge. I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing differently!

I will continue to pop around the blogs reading the entries. Thanks to all of you who joined me this month – you have inspired me.

The challenge finishes on the 31st October..

To view all the other images for the challenge, enter our tag #seedifferently2016 into the WP Reader.. and enjoy!

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To read about this challenge for October – see details here

18 thoughts on “Seeing Differently Challenge – Wrap up and gallery

  1. Robyn I love what you did here with this challenge, and my favourite is the same one as you, its a gorgeous shot of an adorable little bird.

    I didn’t take part as I was already kinda doing something similar – focusing on seeing differently in the still life space, and have been concentrating my learning in that space. Its slowly starting to come together 🙂

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    1. Thank you Stacey – so pleased you enjoyed watching the challenge… It was very rewarding.
      I totally get about focusing on what you are already doing.. and I find surprisingly Still Life takes a lot of focus – it’s a very different way of seeing. I know my Still Life studies went on hold mostly this month – so I totally understand.
      Thanks for being interested and following along when you were able 😀


      1. It still surprises me how hard still life is – I find staging my scenes particularly challenging – a lack of props has been part of that, so I am judiciously collecting some to use. I think you did an excellent job on this challenge and took some lovely pictures. We should *all* learn to see differently!

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      2. Stacey I so agree! For me the biggest challenge too with SL is the staging and the imagination to see differently… Mmm, better take that on board!!
        Glad you enjoyed the challenge.. Thanks so much!! 😀


    1. Thank you Laura – I’m glad you enjoy the gallery as a whole and I appreciate your comment. I’m sure part of the softness you see is the lovely light at this time of year. It’s a joy to photograph when the light is like this.
      I noticed ‘Spring’ through my gallery 😃 Always glad to hear your thoughts. Thank you.


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