5 minutes of random..

5 minutes is an idea shared in a post by Desley Jane and I thought I’d like to try it. Check out Desley’s post here

The idea is to take as many pics in 5 mins of the one location or spot…

Perhaps I took a slightly different approach, as I decided to photograph my table… The things sitting and life happening on my table –Β ‘the stuff’, light, shadow and movement – with me sitting in one spot. I would like to try this again when I’m out and about in the one location… that would be fun.

For now though, these are some of the images taken within my 5 minutes. I wanted to see what I could ‘see’ within the very ordinary and random!

A bit of fun to start the year. Β Thanks Desley Jane πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “5 minutes of random..

    1. Glad you like the table top assortment πŸ˜€
      Yes extremely random and the dof is what makes them interesting – it’s just mess and stuff otherwise – instead of dreamy mess and stuff…lol
      Thanks for the fun idea!

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