Country Morning..

February has been such a hot month in Australia – in fact I think it’s the hottest on record since the 1800s.. OR simply the hottest on record.

This means lots of ‘not being outside’.. just way too hot. It’s been a survival and hibernating month so far. Today is another hot one…

This morning though, was gorgeous!  A touch of cool in the air.. So pleasant and a good time to be out, before the heat of the day.

Here’s what I saw..

An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..
An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..

I haven’t been posting much this year, but as the weather cools I hope to be sharing more of what I’m seeing…

Hope you’re having a great year so far!

(This post will link to Max’s Changing Seasons for February… soon..)

36 thoughts on “Country Morning..

    1. You are lucky Leanne 🙂
      It is incredibly dry again… and even though we’ve had small amounts of rain, the evaporation here over rides it.
      Enjoy your green grass and rain – it will come back again here too.
      I know we’re in for a reprieve on Sunday 😀

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      1. So good for you guys. Its really great when the summers are milder.
        This year on the tablelands we reached 40 deg C. Dont remember that before.
        A cooler afternoon now, so awesome!!


    1. Its cooler this arv Julz, with a few drops of rain – thankfully 😀
      Yes we do get the extremes but here on the tablelands its often similar to your weather. Not this year 😉 Its always much worse in Sydney though.
      25 – 30 is perfect! Autumn and Spring would do me all the time!

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  1. It looks so dry there Robyn. I’m beginning to see brown patches appearing in our lawn once again. We had storms and rain move through a few days ago however they seemed to miss us! lol
    We’ve hibernated a little of late also because the heat just saps the energy. I’d rather sit and read, or sleep than actually do anything construed as housework or something that requires energy. lol

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    1. Hiya Suz 😀 It really is! Hottest summer I am aware of here. The heat really does sap the energy, doesnt it?!
      I’ve actually done a bit vegging as well as what I should lately. Yes reading a good book is awesome. Im so not in the mood for a book though presently. Wish I was.
      Have been drawing and dabbling with my mixed media though – always fun 😀
      So good to hear from you xxx

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  2. Robyn good to ‘see you! I feel for you, in that heat… one can only hole up and wait. Extraordinary for NSW. Perth, yes. But not there! I’m sure though it will be much better in the next week or so. Bring on Autumn!! 🙂 cheers, Debi


      1. I’ve been watching NSW… and sympathise. I think its worse for you there, no one, Expects or is ready for this!! But yes, those cool NSW mornings are blissful. Looking forward to seeing some of your lovely shots as the autumn cools the scorched burnt land 🙂

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    1. Thank you Jules and hello!! 😀
      Has it been hot over there too?
      We’re now getting some misty rain and cooler temps. It is awesome!
      Just realised its now Autumn!!


  3. Hello, good to see you. I am looking forward to autumn too. We haven’t been as mild as Melbourne and much drier which seems nuts since it is only just over an hour south of us. Glad to see your lovely images and stay cool 🙂

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  4. I think most of us would just like to live in a temperate climate where the summers don’t get TOO hot and the winters don’t get TOO cold. But that usually means wet, and foggy a lot of the time. I couldn’t cope with the sorts of heat you have been experiencing this year, I’d be in the shade, near the pool with a long cold drink all day!! Anyway you captured the cool morning perfectly, though TBH it doesn’t look that cool! No dew for a start! Hope the heat turns down a fraction for you soon.

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    1. Oh yes I do agree 😀 Autumn and Spring all year round!
      It has been a difficult and long summer. Lots of cold icy drinks were consumed! 😀
      The coolness of the morning shown was definitely hot compared to the temps we are getting now.
      Im happy to share, we are receiving some rain and cooler temps. Its wonderful and much needed.
      Thanks so much for your comment Jude x

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    1. Thanks 🙂
      Yeah I know it’s crazy – you’re cold, we’ve been hot! Yes, too hot! 😀
      Now we are getting some rain and cooler days.. and fairly quickly too. Before we know it, we’ll have the wood fire lit and the warmer days will be heading your way.


    1. Fanny, it really was super dry!
      The seasons have changed now and things have greened up quite a bit thankfully 😀
      You would have enjoyed the warmth in February. It’s now cool and winter is on its way.
      Thanks 😀😀👋


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