Behind the Scenes – March 2017

Pay Attention. Find Balance.

As I’ve said previously, this past summer has been the hottest summer here in Australia!  It’s been a summer that made us pine for the cooler days, longing to be outside, but not in the searing heat.

I spent a lot of it wishing for those cooler days, instead of paying attention – really paying attention, photographically. It gets hard when it’s too hot.. and there’s always the worry of snakes under foot outside (in the heat).

I heard something the other day though, that made me sit up and pay attention!

“Use those frustrations and wishes to mold your work.  Show how it really is!”

I’d forgotten… So… for the last days of summer and now into early Autumn, with camera in hand, I decided to get outside and ‘see’ what is under my feet and above my head.  I found life and beauty among the decay of the summer heat.

Here’s some of what I’ve seen this month, Behind the Scenes..

A rainbow for the last evening of Summer… with crazy light catching the fine misty rain…

and early Autumn mornings..

Above my head.. these beautiful Kookaburras came and sat in the gum tree out the back.. Singing…

I grabbed my camera and took these through the (dirty) kitchen window (on a very grey day), so I didn’t disturb them. Beautiful family.

Growth and decay.. It feels more like Spring presently… there is new growth too, among the plants closing down for Winter.

..and we are getting some beautiful cooling rain, to feed the thirsty plants and ground.

The beautiful trees show that it’s Autumn though, with their gorgeous colours…


In February, I did my very first wedding shoot for friends.  What a wonderful nerve wracking experience! I loved it and now I’m doing another in April. Who knew?!

More to learn! I love that 🙂

Logo work..

A few posts ago, I mentioned doing some logo work for people who are looking for their own mark / brand.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying working with some lovely people to create their own ‘marks’.

If you’re looking for something, please Contact me.. I’d love to work with you.. and as I’ve said previously, I will set up my Etsy again for this at some point.

Well… for a change, I’ve had plenty to say… that’s been unusual for me for a fair while now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing part of my world ‘Behind the Scenes’ this month.

Enjoy the rest of March!!

35 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – March 2017

  1. fantastic. I look forward to seeing YOUR images. I do miss it, when you’re away. Congratulations on the wedding gigs Robyn!! 🙂
    that is so exciting! and they will be so awesome, dreamy and romantic and lovely. geesh, if I ever, get to NSW I’d hire you to portrait me… anyway – love all your images. the weeds by the gate were wow! and the Collection as a whole is as well.
    Now that the cooler temps are here, we can get out. ahhhh. Delightful! thank you for sharing these beautiful art works.

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    1. Thanks Debi – I’m glad you enjoy them 😀
      Oh yes that would be fun, doing a portrait session. If you’re ever in Sydney…. 😀😀
      Yes, your temps would have been so much hotter over there. Glad its cooling down for you now.
      Always appreciate your thoughtful, generous comments. Thank you x

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  2. Gorgeous captures Robyn – kookaburras are the one thing I miss the most about Australia. We may have Bald Eagles in our trees only 10 feet away but they have such a shrill whistle that’s so, SO unbecoming to their stature, lol!

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    1. Lol… poor handsome eagles 😀
      Thank you 😀 I can understand you missing the Kookas Joanne. Their song is delightful and I find it wonderfully mesmerising. Plus theyre so gorgeous! There were 2 beautiful babies among this family of 4. Such a treat!

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    1. Thanks so much Chris – I always love hearing your thoughts.
      So good that youre getting positive comments on your watermark. I really enjoyed creating it for you 😀

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  3. love to stop by and drool over your captures – this month no exception but with the added bonus of the Kookaburras – and that spider web. No wonder you need a watermark!


    1. Hi Laura – so good to hear you enjoy my finds for the month. The Kookas were a special bonus this month. Thank you.
      Lol… I always did use a watermark. Glad you ‘noticed’ this one 😉😉😀


  4. So glad you got out with your camera, despite the heat you found so much beauty! I just love your work. And how precious is that Kookaburra family?!!

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    1. Thank you Susan. I so appreciate your kind words.
      It was wonderful to be out exploring again… the seasons have changed and it’s exciting to be out in the mornings presently.
      Yes, those beautiful Kookas were so precious ❤


  5. Hey Robyn .. gosh I didn’t know you were doing graphics? Wonderful .. Your photos are always so you! How wonderful shooting a wedding or two .. oh I wish! I have a thing about taking pics of people .. I never feel that confident. Great post Miss


    1. Hi Jules 😀 Yes doing some logos etc or whatever people need.
      Im lagging in the setting up though 😂😂
      I love capturing people too and the first wedding was a wonderful scary experience.
      Glad you enjoyed the post and thank you as always xx

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