3 little pears…

Ok.. they’re probably 3 normal size pears.. but I liked the title 😀

I bought these beautiful pears the other day – not to eat, but to photograph!

The shape of these really appeals to me.

A few thoughts out loud:

Still Life does not come easily for me.. I really need to work and spend time with my SL subjects.. like these quirky pears.. but… I kind of want it to make sense.. and I’m not sure if it does… lol..

I do enjoy being behind the camera.

I’d like to tell stories with my SL images too and perhaps that will come in time. Good to have a challenge, especially on those rainy days.

I really do enjoy the spontaneity of the natural world and it’s ah-ha moments, but I also like seeing an outcome with SL, so I’ll persist and be diligent (some days) 🙂 Other days.. you know where I am if I can help it! Outside. Especially in Spring and Autumn!

My favourite artist – Margaret Olley spent her latter years, painting still life and they were wonderful, so I’m very inspired by her lovely work – especially her use of colour and subjects.  Quite often ordinary things.

Here’s what I found studying these 3 pears through the lens.

I liked the light, the colours and the subjects.

These 5 images were shot within a 5 minute period.  There were others, but while I was shooting I was thinking of Desley’s 5 min challenge – Regular Random.

So for the challenge and these images, I used different lenses and different ways of looking at the pears.

..and the 3 little pears lived happily ever after… ok, until they’re eaten anyway..

The End.

31 thoughts on “3 little pears…

    1. Hi Raewyn – thanks so much 😀
      We are drawn to different thjngs and styles as artist/photographers arent we?
      I definitely like both 😀


  1. To me, your pears look like quail. Especially the roundness of the body and the stem that looks like the male’s single plume. There used to be quail where we lived and it was a toss-up which I enjoyed more, the quail or the hummingbirds.


    1. These pears are definitely unusual which is why I like them 😀
      We have quail too and although I havent seen them for years, I remember ours as being more round. Id love to see a Hummingbird – delicate creatures 😀


  2. Oh how lovely Robyn. I love this series. I feel similarly to you. I often have no idea what’s going to happen when I shoot SL. You just have to go with it. Gorgeous.


    1. Thanks heaps Desley Jane. So glad you like them. I definitely did enjoy the results and the study.
      Perhaps SL is just like that – something to explore with an open mind. Yes, go with it 😀

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