It’s time to say goodbye to this blog…

It seems I’ve been going over this time and again in my head… not really wanting to let go.. but perhaps needing to let go of this phase, to move forward…

Moving forward?

New beginnings..

I’m not really sure what that means for me presently – BUT… you’ll definitely find me at Instagram … and I do have a website that is badly in need of attention… which I must attend to… and I can of course still be contacted through my Contact page here.

I have to say, the people I’ve met through this blog – You – virtually and in real life have been (and will continue to be) a great blessing to me.

It’s been a very fun 6 years writing this blog.  Beginning as an online Fine Arts Journal in 2011 and then morphing into a Photography blog along the way.

The learning has been the best part.. and being inspired by YOU.

The challenges. Awesome.. and inspiring also.

The best part though – the people. YOU!

Now, it’s time for me to step back and I think get back to my art – not sure how long that will take, but I need to be tactile again and want to spend more time with my camera. I am a tactile person and presently life through circumstances isn’t allowing blogging and hands on creating… that’s where I want to and need to go.

As I said, I’m still around on Instagram and am looking forward to whatever is next. I will continue reading the blogs when possible and definitely see you on InstaG if you are there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.. for being here for this part of my journey… this is farewell from this blog, but not goodbye from me 🙂

See you somewhere!!

Robyn xx

50 thoughts on “Farewell…

  1. I have enjoyed your blog so much since I first discovered it many years ago, you have a great talent – and the best part about it was getting to know you!! Good luck with your art – and I’ll see you over on InstaG 🙂

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  2. Take Care! Your blog and support of the editing challenges back a few years ago were what got me on my artistic path, so thanks for all you have done, and the connections you allowed me to make 🙂

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    1. Stacey Im so happy to know this – thank you for sharing ❤ Inspiring and helping others, especially creatively is my passion. Its truly my pleasure 😀


  3. I’m quite sad! I adore all your photos, your posts, the You… that shines through is amazing. But, I can really relate to the time factor of WP posts eating into way too much of real life, real art. So, I hope we will still chat at times Robyn…. and I wish you the very best living life and Enjoying the creative processes!! debi rileydj@hotmail.com

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    1. Oh no, dont be sad – I’ll still be around and visiting when I’m able.
      You cant know how much your comment means to me Debi – to know that you enjoy my everyday view 😀 I sure enjoy yours!!!
      You bet we’ll be in touch!! Yes time is limited presently and my ‘brain’ doesnt have a lot to say 😉 Hopefully the pencil or brush might!

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  4. Oh my goodness, I was only just wondering about you today as I was sorting and sifting through photos when I came across some of the Four-One Photos – good times, good times. Thank you so much for those, it was my favourite love/hate challenge. Best of luck with everything – quite sure we’ll be “chatting” again soon with some Inkee Fiddlings!😂

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    1. Thanks so much Julz – I really appreciate your comment ❤ ..and yes we’ll still catch up for sure.
      I’ll still be on WP anyway – (just not blogging for a while) – will look forward to seeing your awesome creations!!
      Stepping back is an important part of my own creative process. Glad you get it too xx

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  5. I wish you all the best with your art and anything else you do. Your blog has been a happy part of my life for the last few years and I feel like I’m loosing a friend not just a blog post. Enjoy life and your art.

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    1. Lee, thanks for such a wonderful comment and for your wishes.
      So nice to know the blog has been a happy part of your life.. so nice 😀❤
      Its a decision weighed heavily over time. Time to move forward. I know I’ll be around and that we’ll be in touch.

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    1. John what a lovely comment. Thank you. Your wishes are greatly appreciated and I’ll return to blogging at some point. Thanks for your support 😀😀


  6. Oh, all the very best with your future endeavours, Robyn! I have enjoyed your blog, and your comments on mine…all started with One Four, I think!


    1. Yes it may have started there Sue… thanks so much! I have certainly enjoyed our communication too 😀
      I’ll still around WP… just not blogging for now 😀😀

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    1. Thanks Litonya 😀 I’ll be lurking around WP, I’m sure… but yes time for some pondering and creating I hope.
      I know I’ll miss everyone terribly, but I am very grateful for our connections on Instagram too. See you there!


  7. Oh Robin, I’ve been so fortunate to get to know you through your blog but I understand the need to make changes in life in order to move forward. Sometimes you simply have to let some things go, hard as it feels to do so. Thanks for being such a thoughtful, caring and sharing preson in my virtual life! The best to you!


  8. will surely miss you Robyn – sad to see you go especially since I stopped Instagram a while back! Another great blogger hits the hold button but can fully appreciate the sense of reality we all need to grab beyond here. The future sounds interesting! Good luck and thanks for the memories 🙂


  9. I seem to be having the same problem, Robin. Needing to let go. But right now I’m still having fun. When that wears off or diminishes, I will make my choice. Until then, I hope to keep in touch with you on Instagram. Good luck with all your endeavors!

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  10. Oh no .. I will miss you so much in the blogging world! I’m with Leanne and Lisa .. But I will still see you on Insta for sure! And who knows .. you may come back to the blogging world again one day! Hugs Robyn and the absolute best with the future 😘

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    1. Hello dear girl – thank you so much!! I’ll still be around WP visiting.. and yes I’ll see you on Instagram for sure!!
      I havent had much to say for a while.. and I think Ill be back too at some point. Its hard to leave, but will be nice to let ideas brew for a while 😀😀 ..and hugs to you. Your support means a great deal. Thank you 💕💗❤

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