It’s time to say goodbye to this blog…

It seems I’ve been going over this time and again in my head… not really wanting to let go.. but perhaps needing to let go of this phase, to move forward…

Moving forward?

New beginnings..

I’m not really sure what that means for me presently – BUT… you’ll definitely find me at a (new) Instagram … and I do have a website that is badly in need of attention… which I must attend to… and I can of course still be contacted through my Contact page here.

I have to say, the people I’ve met through this blog – You – virtually and in real life have been (and will continue to be) a great blessing to me.

It’s been a very fun 6 years writing this blog.Β  Beginning as an online Fine Arts Journal in 2011 and then morphing into a Photography blog along the way.

The learning has been the best part.. and being inspired by YOU.

The challenges. Awesome.. and inspiring also.

The best part though – the people. YOU!

Now, it’s time for me to step back and I think get back to my art – not sure how long that will take, but I need to be tactile again and want to spend more time with my camera. I am a tactile person and presently life through circumstances isn’t allowing blogging and hands on creating… that’s where I want to and need to go.

As I said, I’m still around on Instagram and am looking forward to whatever is next. I will continue reading the blogs when possible and definitely see you on InstaG if you are there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.. for being here for this part of my journey… this is farewell from this blog, but not goodbye from me πŸ™‚

See you somewhere!!

Robyn xx

Behind the Scenes – April 2017

April has been such a different month for me, behind the scenes…

Where I made an effort to get outside after the heat, in March – April surprised us with an elderly family member having a pretty big health scare, so it’s been very much an inside kind of month. In the hospital. In the car. Inside. Mostly.

We are thankful though, that things are progressing well.

I grabbed moments within this month, to try and think outside the usual and once again to try and see what was in front of me… on any given day.

So… my Behind the Scenes this month is quite unusual, in that it’s a big mix… and most things I’ve photographed have been Still Life of some sort, with a few outside exceptions.

Here’s what I’ve seen this past month..

Anything was up for consideration… even an ‘Un-wanted still life’ series.. ha ha!



I’d love to know if you can guess what this is (above).. Maybe you’ll guess straight away!

…more experiments, play and creating with the little truck.. A fun little subject!!

Some actual Still Life images…

A view through a window of Sydney city in the distance.. a phone capture..

A day outside (see below).. A really beautiful contrasty Autumn day – again, captured with the phone.

..and a look at a beautiful rose.. at different stages..

Well that’s it from me for April’s Behind the Scenes… A brief and random overview, plus I’m linking up to Max’s Changing Seasons..

I do hope April has been a great month for you… it’s almost done… already!!

Take care and see you soon,

Robyn xx

Still life in nature..

Back to toys again!

Well I suppose they are really collectables… but for me they’re a little fun with still life!

This time of year makes me feel alive with the cool mornings and evenings and the beautiful sparkly morning dews. I love it and it makes me want to explore and create.


I love trains and trucks.. and especially red ones… or pink ones!!

.. candy pink!

A simple post today..

..and here are some images for regular random

..more about different looks this time, with a couple of different views…

Have a great week!

3 little pears…

Ok.. they’re probably 3 normal size pears.. but I liked the title πŸ˜€

I bought these beautiful pears the other day – not to eat, but to photograph!

The shape of these really appeals to me.

A few thoughts out loud:

Still Life does not come easily for me.. I really need to work and spend time with my SL subjects.. like these quirky pears.. but… I kind of want it to make sense.. and I’m not sure if it does… lol..

I do enjoy being behind the camera.

I’d like to tell stories with my SL images too and perhaps that will come in time. Good to have a challenge, especially on those rainy days.

I really do enjoy the spontaneity of the natural world and it’s ah-ha moments, but I also like seeing an outcome with SL, so I’ll persist and be diligent (some days) πŸ™‚ Other days.. you know where I am if I can help it! Outside. Especially in Spring and Autumn!

My favourite artist – Margaret Olley spent her latter years, painting still life and they were wonderful, so I’m very inspired by her lovely work – especially her use of colour and subjects.Β  Quite often ordinary things.

Here’s what I found studying these 3 pears through the lens.

I liked the light, the colours and the subjects.

These 5 images were shot within a 5 minute period.Β  There were others, but while I was shooting I was thinking of Desley’s 5 min challenge – Regular Random.

So for the challenge and these images, I used different lenses and different ways of looking at the pears.

..and the 3 little pears lived happily ever after… ok, until they’re eaten anyway..

The End.