Seeing Differently Challenge – Wrap up and gallery

Today we are wrapping up the Seeing Differently challenge!  This has been a fun journey throughout October trying to see things in a different way or perhaps finding different things within our own circumstances..

As I said in my previous post, this has been a great experiment, a good reminder and very rewarding.  I hope we all keep seeing differently. You never know what you’ll ‘see’.

Today I want to share a gallery of my images from the month and I’m going to choose one favourite..

My favourite has to be the little bird – ‘In the Spotlight’ – this moment was very special and I’m sure it will end up on my wall.  I want to keep seeing it – I’ll remember it for some time.

I wonder if you have a favourite from my gallery or yours?

I’d love to see a gallery of your work if you’d care to share and tell us which image is your favourite.  I think this will be a fun way to wrap up our challenge. I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing differently!

I will continue to pop around the blogs reading the entries. Thanks to all of you who joined me this month – you have inspired me.

The challenge finishes on the 31st October..

To view all the other images for the challenge, enter our tag #seedifferently2016 into the WP Reader.. and enjoy!

seeing-differently-button_robyngosby-2016Tag with #seedifferently2016 so we can find your post.

To read about this challenge for October – see details here

The ‘Seeing Differently’ challenge for October

I’m issuing a challenge for October – to myself and to you too – if you’d like to join me – to find 15 images within our own circumstances (whatever they are).. only for October. All are welcome!

seeing-differently-button_robyngosby-201615 images that interest or inspire us – to get us to look at everything – and to look in a different way than we ever have before… or to stop and take notice when something catches our eye.

Look at ordinary things – look at objects, people or animals, reflections, movement – watch the light and shadow – look at textures (on a tree or a wall or textiles?) – look at organic and man made – look closely and look far away. In focus or not in focus.. Moody or a lighter feel (try different exposures and aperture too). Experiment. Find what appeals to you. It is very different for everybody.

..and don’t feel that it has to be a special way of doing things – just try different things!

Simply an old Autumn leaf and a piece of bark, on a shelf in the morning light. I love collecting these things of nature!

Try to see things differently and see what we can find. Set up a Still Life, especially if you never have before and try shooting near a window, even on a dark grey day. Pick up a leaf – you might be amazed. Check out a spider web or a car headlight..

Try shooting in portrait and landscape ratios.

Use what you have – phone, camera, tablet.. however you shoot.

I’m issuing this challenge because I’ve noticed there are people feeling like me.  Perhaps a bit uninspired by the weather (me) or their circumstances… or even the Season.

It’s good to see differently and to try different things… It really doesn’t matter if it’s a dismal failure – at least we’ve tried something different or new and this may lead us to seeing differently the next time… or we might make a great discovery of a different style we quite enjoy.  This is what I find anyway.

Try different things with processing the image too!

So, because I’ve even been a bit unmotivated with blogging lately (not much to talk about.. and now 2 posts in 1 day!), I’m going to see if I can find 15 images this October for this challenge – there are no limitations as long as it is interesting (to me) and a bit of a discovery – whatever that means.. 😉

If you do join me – Tag with: #seedifferently2016  so we can find you..

..and share it on your Blog or Instagram, Facebook, Flickr? – this way we can check out your posts.  Link up to my post too, so we can find you.

If you’re interested and you know someone else who might be too, please share this post.

I hope we can inspire each other to see differently throughout October.

Here are a few images that were seeing differently for me – ordinary, everyday things, because those are my circumstances.

Take a photo even on a windy or rainy day!

Anyone is welcome to join me and if you can’t I hope you might be inspired to try something new!

I hope to make some discoveries – even if just finding some beautiful light. That’s the best discovery!

So, I’m off to find my first image of 15 for October 😀


CCY Challenge with Cee – Basic Composition Wk 1

Cee has started a really thought provoking new photographic series.

The first of this new series is called Basic Photo Composition and week #1 is How your camera is not like your eye. Pop on over to Cee’s to read more about it.

I think you can always learn more about composition, so I’m going to join in when I can. I really like working to a brief to keep me thinking, (an old habit from college) as well as photographing the things I like.

Yesterday afternoon I was out photographing some amazing skies – then this morning I woke to find this new challenge from Cee, so I thought I’d enter my skies.

This week, the brief is to challenge ourselves to try different things with focal length and to see our subject differently as opposed to our usual default settings – which I was I was experimenting with yesterday 😀

So… for me, I guess when I’m shooting a landscape I always try to fit in as much as possible… because… it’s a landscape. With macro I’m the opposite – I want to get as close as possible to do justice to my subject.

Back to yesterday’s landscape…

So my first shot was taken at 4.44pm and it’s as much as an overall shot as I can take with the lens I had on my camera.  The clouds were fantastic and it was a very bright spring afternoon with the typical contrasts for this time of year.

Skies 4.44pm Robyn Gosby 2015

My second image was taken almost an hour later, when I had to run outside with the camera again… Fantastic skies!!  I didn’t pay attention to my focal setting, but I zoomed in to get a closer look.   Note: normally I would move around the tree on the right, so it isn’t in picture.

Skies 5.38pm Robyn Gosby 2015

Thirdly, a closer look again… Yep I know there are power poles everywhere, but that’s how it is 😉

Skies 5.39pm Robyn Gosby 2015

..and lastly a different point of view.

Skies 5.40pm Robyn Gosby 2015

Shooting a landscape in portrait is not something I do very often, but this time I thought it needed to ‘be told’ this way to show those ‘boiling’ skies!

Gosh they were beautiful.  I love the skies around here… they change constantly and are full of light and shadows. Beautiful creations that I know we all enjoy here.

I haven’t been out with the camera much lately so it was great to be out on such a beautiful afternoon 🙂

Click for a sharper view of the images and pop on over to Cee’s to read more about the challenge!

banner-compose-yourself-challenge2    Thanks Cee 🙂

Options for reading WordPress blogs.. when you’re on another platform

This post has come about, due to trying to help and inform other readers/followers (who are not on WordPress) – on different ways to follow challenges, tags and posts on the WordPress platform.

I’m going to use the One Four Challenge as my example for following a challenge, as that is the challenge that I run.

Please remember, these are my thoughts after having researched options. My aim is to keep things simple and streamlined and staying within the existing format of the One Four Challenge.

There are probably quite a few options, but the ones that I think work ‘simply’ for following our challenge are these:


  1. Subscribe to, or follow the host site (in this case, mine for the One Four). Go to the site and related post – to view all of the comments and other participants, click on the links and pingbacks within comments to check out all of the linked blogs and their posts (this can be quite laborious if there are lots of people playing along.. but it’s an option).
  2. Follow along using Bloglovin’ or another feed reader.  I’m suggesting Bloglovin’ because I’m familiar with it – you can add all of the blogs (by URL) that you want to follow and even categorise them (I have mine set up with a One Four Challenge category) and mark them as read when you are finished – this takes you to the individual blog posts of each player. (Yes setting up takes time, but I think it’s worth the time).
  3. I think this third option is a very good option. Set yourself up a Gravatar, which creates a user account (you don’t have to create a WP blog, but you have the option). Creating a Gravatar allows you to access the WP Reader (to follow tags – One Four Challenge and others), to be able to leave comments on posts (and receive replies), within the Reader and on WP blogs.  You will also receive reply notifications and you can also link your website to your Gravatar, so that people can find you and visit you too.

If you do decide to set up a Gravatar, you can also follow the One Four Challenge using tags, by following this tutorial. Doing this will bring up all of the One Four Challenge post in one place as long as they are tagged.

I guess this is a tricky subject as all platforms have their own way of doing things.

One thing I really like about the WP platform, is the ability to reply to people within posts, instead of having to reply with email… and I like the community I have found here on WP over the years.

As I said, these are my thoughts and possibly not the only way to do things.. but these are my options for the One Four Challenge – I hope this helps 😀