3 little pears…

Ok.. they’re probably 3 normal size pears.. but I liked the title 😀

I bought these beautiful pears the other day – not to eat, but to photograph!

The shape of these really appeals to me.

A few thoughts out loud:

Still Life does not come easily for me.. I really need to work and spend time with my SL subjects.. like these quirky pears.. but… I kind of want it to make sense.. and I’m not sure if it does… lol..

I do enjoy being behind the camera.

I’d like to tell stories with my SL images too and perhaps that will come in time. Good to have a challenge, especially on those rainy days.

I really do enjoy the spontaneity of the natural world and it’s ah-ha moments, but I also like seeing an outcome with SL, so I’ll persist and be diligent (some days) 🙂 Other days.. you know where I am if I can help it! Outside. Especially in Spring and Autumn!

My favourite artist – Margaret Olley spent her latter years, painting still life and they were wonderful, so I’m very inspired by her lovely work – especially her use of colour and subjects.  Quite often ordinary things.

Here’s what I found studying these 3 pears through the lens.

I liked the light, the colours and the subjects.

These 5 images were shot within a 5 minute period.  There were others, but while I was shooting I was thinking of Desley’s 5 min challenge – Regular Random.

So for the challenge and these images, I used different lenses and different ways of looking at the pears.

..and the 3 little pears lived happily ever after… ok, until they’re eaten anyway..

The End.

Branding and logo design..

This week I’ve spent some time getting back to design, creating a logo and branding set.

I’ve had some fun playing with ideas… I do enjoy this!

Last month I was also asked by my (adult) son to work with him to create a logo for his site. The design was his (based on a suit of armour he created) – I really liked his idea… and this was the final result for his logo too. Fun!


I’d like to do more of this.

Are you looking for a simple brand or logo?  I’d love to work with you.

I will eventually set up my etsy site again for this, but I’d like to see if there is any interest first. Let me know 🙂 I can be contacted here through my contact page.

Just a quick post and another hello from me!


creating Still life.. with white perspex..

A while ago, I purchased some white perspex as a backboard for my watercolour painting…

(after writing:  Apparently I had a lot to say here, so please grab a cuppa if you’re interested in reading on… and.. thank you for reading)

I haven’t used it once for painting that I can remember – I seem to be doing more dabbling, than painting presently – but I have been using it as a background for photographing some natural light, (mostly) high key images..

macaroon4_robyngosby-2016These past weeks have been busy with work, which hasn’t left a lot of time for creating, so my images are ones that I can shoot (once again) within my own space… and with the time that I have available to me.

I thought I’d share a a little bit about the process of shooting and editing – perhaps you might be inspired to try something too.

macaroon1_robyngosby-2016The Macaroons – we artists / photographers see the world differently and can find so much potential in simple things..

On the way home from town one day, my husband and I decided to stop and grab a coffee.. When I was placing our order, I spied these gorgeous colours and decided right then that I needed some… to photograph. They were calling me with their circular shape and soft pretty colours.

I’ve been doing some experimenting with the white perspex and macaroons and enjoying the simplicity.

The perspex: measures approximately 60cm x 45cm (24in x 17.5in), but any size would suit.

My situation: for these exercises I am using the end of my dining room table. It sits in front of a North facing window and gives me beautiful light most of the day (and presently, no direct sunlight). the dining room also has sheer white curtains which I find filters/softens and brightens the light.

The light: the light I am using is natural light from the window (with the sheer curtains) and the dining room light overhead which simply fills the shadows a bit. I am shooting towards the light.

Settings and lens: my settings are ISO 160 (with tripod and remote), F-stop of 5.6 – 3.2 ..and shutter speed to suit me. The lens I am using is my favourite 60mm as it gets in close to fill the frame. Again, you could choose any lens and settings to suit you.

The combination of the backing light, sheers and white perspex, create a shadow in the foreground, which I like.

Composition: I tried different compositions..

Editing: my editing was done in Lightroom..

Exposure: For most of these images I adjusted the exposure, either up or down – depending on what the image needed. The light was constantly changing.

I did try ‘Matching the total exposures’ (see Settings – Match Total Exposures), but it darkened all of the images too much, so I probably selected an image (to match) that was too dark to start with.

Clarity and Contrast:  Most of the images have been adjusted using the Clarity and Contrast sliders. Mostly the contrast is down.  The Clarity was dependent upon the image.

The Gradient tool:  This has got to be my favourite tool in Lightroom presently. It can do so much. You can create a gradient and choose part of the image to adjust – a lot like the Adjustment brush I guess – used similarly in some instances and very different in others (my thoughts only).

examples – you can raise the exposure in a corner to emulate light, deepen or lift shadows, soften and much much more..

Colour: In all of these images, I chose to soften the colour… they were too rich for my liking. I de-saturated most to a level that was appealing to me.

I think that’s about it…

Note: These are my thoughts only and not absolute ways of doing things.. I hope an idea might create a spark and that you’ll have fun trying new things too… or perhaps revisiting old things.

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Robyn xx

Collaboration with Emilio #4 – Macquarie Lighthouse

The last time I posted about a collaboration with Emilio, I was taking a blogging break.. and this time around has been the same.  There was a #3 collaboration which I didn’t post about (don’t remember why), but I’ll share a link further down, so you can view it on Emilio’s blog – as well as this, our fourth effort 🙂

This next round has been coming for a while really, but I must admit my heart wasn’t in it while my back was troubling me.  I seem to be enjoying a reprieve right now, for which I’m very grateful.

This time we are working on my own image – one that was taken on a drive after Christmas last year.

This is Macquarie Lighthouse – it was the first.. and is the longest serving, lighthouse site in Australia. It is located on Dunbar Head, Vaucluse, about (2 kilometres south of South Head) near the entrance to Sydney Harbour. (Source Mr. Wikipedia)

This 1883 structure is a replica of the original, built in 1818.

My image

I wanted to give my image a historic feel that tells a story without words – to convey the type of day and hopefully the era.

You can read more about the 2 Lighthouses (the original and the replica) and see them standing side by side by visiting Macquarie Lighthouse on Wikipedia and also the Lighthouses of NSW site.

I find this a fascinating subject and think it’s wonderful that it’s still a working lighthouse today.

The area itself is right on the ocean, although quite high from the water.  The place feels steeped in history and it was a real pleasure to be there and simply pass some time… and to see other people enjoying some time too.

The image was taken right on the cliffs near the ocean with a southerly breeze and it was a very cloudy (not photo friendly) kind of afternoon. The sky was really amazing in all of it’s layered grey-ness.

December in Sydney is normally pretty hot, but this day was as I described.  There were people walking on the paths. The surrounds of the lighthouse are a sort of reserve / park.

Here are some more images from the afternoon..

While I was sitting on the path (as you do) – this dear little fellow ‘George’, decided to visit me on the way past. George tootled off the path and came and sat directly in front of me. Hover on the images to see what George had to say 😉

Dear little George – he left an indelible mark on my heart and a very fond memory 🙂

Bye bye George 🙂

Further down this path, you’ll see this wonderful view…


Well that’s all from me on Macquarie Lighthouse… and my part of our collaboration this time around.

I do enjoy these collaborations with Emilio and I also enjoy the way he processes his images.. and mine 🙂  I know he tried a few different options with this one and I haven’t read his post or seen the image yet, so am looking forward to it!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see how he has interpreted my image with the information I gave him about the place and the day.

To see our previous effort, working with Emilio’s image – This is my interpretation below and you can also visit Emilio’s previous post here.


Thanks again for the fun and challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts too 😀