5 minutes – the old doggie

5 minutes is new idea, hosted by Desley Jane at ‘Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist’. This is a fun idea and one worth trying! All are welcome to join in and as I said above, it’s a new idea.  Read more about it at Desley Jane’s blog.

This week I took the camera outside to see what would happen if I ‘kept photographing‘ our oldest and quirkiest dog.  Those who know dogs, know that Border Collies have their own way of doing things…

Jess, our Border Collie, decided that he wasn’t going to look at me… well maybe a few times, maybe…. (and then right through me!)… He was sort of eating his dinner.. sort of..

The silent conversation went like this…. Well, his part was silent..

Jess… Jeee-eeesss.. Jess… look at me Jess..

No, I’m busy!

Jess.. Jess-ssss..

No. My master is coming. I know he is.

Hey Jess.. look at me Jess…


Jess.. ‘Whistle’

Huh? No. yawn…

Jee-ee-ssss… (said patiently and lovingly…)..

I am busy!

Jesss.. ‘Whistle’

Nope… what? did you say something?

Jess 🙂

Ok, I’m leaving now……………

So this time, my 5 mins were actually 7 mins… Not knowing what I would ‘see’ capturing the old doggie in my ordinary everyday-ness… I was kind of surprised at the tiny changes within the images… These were most of the images I shot, but not all…

See the slideshow below.. there are 37 images in total.. Click << backwards until you see ‘Start here’..

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Being a 5 min ‘shooting’ challenge, I thought I’d also see if I could edit my images in 5 mins too… Nope, absolutely not this time.

My computer is having major issues presently (a bit scary) and it took at least 20 mins just to import!!

I wanted to keep editing as simple as possible, so I have used 2 presets. A Lightroom High BW contrast preset and a Kim Klassen preset called Oak, which is possibly my favourite of Kim’s presets.

I hope this slideshow makes you smile… and be sure to pop on over to Desley’s post for this week (link above)..

Have a fantastic week!!

Robyn xx

(Next time, I need the ball nearby!)

More fun.  Thanks Desley Jane 🙂

Like a dog with a bone…

Oh man…





lml6_robyngosby-2016Happy doggy sigh…

what-bark-robyngosby-2016“What?! Bark!!

A bit of silliness for a Friday – the weekend is coming…

Another reminder too, to say that the One Four Challenge for November starts on Monday the 7th – Come join me if you’re able 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend, doing something you LOVE!

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Seeing Differently Challenge – 7 of 15

Today I’m sharing the 7th image of the seeing differently challenge (hosted here)  🙂

On Sunday morning I was walking past my dear doggie having a drink and when she stepped back, the moving reflections caught my eye! I put the water on the floor, by splashing around in her dish..hehe… I love being in observation mode – you see the most unlikely things.

Here’s what I saw..

A very ordinary thing, becomes interesting when seen in a different way.  I know.. it’s still just a dog dish  😉

For these images, the reflections disappeared when focusing on the water. To capture the reflections I needed to change my focal point.

If the challenge (idea) appeals to you, please jump in. You are welcome!  We will be exploring throughout October.

You will also find inspiration by visiting the tag through the WordPress Reader.

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To read about this challenge for October – see details here

This post also fits with the weekly photo challenge H2O hosted by Lignum Draco.

Last days of Autumn..

This month I seem to be enjoying a look through Rose coloured glasses  🙂

Today I’m posting some more images taken at the end of April – I’ve hardly had the camera out at all through May, so far.. but I’ve been enjoying spending a bit of time experimenting with editing this month.

These photos show varying stages of our Autumn – all taken within days of each other (about 3 weeks ago – so things are looking very different now and of course they really aren’t pink, but then they aren’t B&W either) 😉

Only 2 more weeks of ‘proper’ Autumn to go (as I write) and today is showing signs of winter. I sit here typing, with beanie and puffy jacket, but then yesterday was almost summer again… crazy weather!

Well that’s it – another Autumnal look.  I do hope I get another chance to ‘chase Autumn’ this year again, before all of the leaves are gone.